Still waiting for the PM or email. Everybody else waiting?

Purchased HI NW Blue!


Still waiting too when you can

ordered HD NW White. Thanks

I would expect these to actually start arriving sometime around the middle of September. Much patience is required with these sort of things. Fingers crossed that I’m wrong! :wink:

Thanks :+1:


pm for me too, thanks :slight_smile:

So I just got an email saying that my SC26 has been sent out and out to arrive August 1st. I’ll believe it when I see actual tracking info but I’m pleasantly surprised.

I just got an email saying that my SC26 has been sent out to arrive August 11th.

I too just received an email from Bangood informing that my FreemeGB Haikelite SC26 has been shipped!
Imagine that, a Haikelite GB that beat the estimated ship date, with no drama, how boring (in a good way though).

I’m jelly of you guys, still waiting for the GB code

Just got an email saying my item has shipped!
Haikelite SC26 XHP35 HD/HI 2050Lumens Modes Set Brightness Portable EDC 26650 LED Flashlight + 26350 Tube

Yeaah :beer:

Nice… thanks for the update.

Interested .Code Please, Thanks

Mines on its way too. I was not expecting it for ages :slight_smile:

Ordered 1 Black, XHP35 HI Cw

I ordered the Green XHIP 35 HI in NW only a few days ago, not expecting to see it till early next month. Very pleasantly surprised to get a shipped notification today. :D