I would expect these to actually start arriving sometime around the middle of September. Much patience is required with these sort of things. Fingers crossed that I’m wrong! :wink:

Thanks :+1:


pm for me too, thanks :slight_smile:

So I just got an email saying that my SC26 has been sent out and out to arrive August 1st. I’ll believe it when I see actual tracking info but I’m pleasantly surprised.

I just got an email saying that my SC26 has been sent out to arrive August 11th.

I too just received an email from Bangood informing that my FreemeGB Haikelite SC26 has been shipped!
Imagine that, a Haikelite GB that beat the estimated ship date, with no drama, how boring (in a good way though).

I’m jelly of you guys, still waiting for the GB code

Just got an email saying my item has shipped!
Haikelite SC26 XHP35 HD/HI 2050Lumens Modes Set Brightness Portable EDC 26650 LED Flashlight + 26350 Tube

Yeaah :beer:

Nice… thanks for the update.

Interested .Code Please, Thanks

Mines on its way too. I was not expecting it for ages :slight_smile:

Ordered 1 Black, XHP35 HI Cw

I ordered the Green XHIP 35 HI in NW only a few days ago, not expecting to see it till early next month. Very pleasantly surprised to get a shipped notification today. :D

interested please :slight_smile:

Mine is shipped…

Guess I’m being punished for being a doubter. Both of mine, HD & HI are still in back order status.


Haha, it is much clearer now with 26350 tube information in the description.

Yeah, my blue HD CW has supposedly been shipped. Now the REAL wait begins. :laughing: