Eneloop deal

Dell deal of the day for us Canucks:

6xAA, 6xAAA + 4 bay charger for $24.99. Note these are the newer 1500x eneloops

Basically the same as the 8xAA and 4xAAA for $29.99 deal, except this one swaps two AA for AAA, and 5 bucks less. For the "new" Eneloops, seems a good deal to me.

I wish we had that kind of deals here...

Awesome! Thanks for posting this deal! I missed it last time. Mmm. My first eneloops. They will go nicely with my new 2xAA lights!

got the order in this time, and with the newest batteries to boot. Thanks for posting the link...

You are welcome. I am glad to be able to contribute.

The eneloop package showed up this morning... not bad considering I ordered them fairly late Monday night. I guess it helps that Dell is located only 30 mins away...lol. Anyway, thanks again for the heads up.

And.... gone.

The charger + 8x AA + 4x AAA deal is still available though


I have enough AA/AAA chargers and am waiting for them to put a bulk battery only deal on.

I bought these when the sale was on, and they arrived today.

Because these are supposed to be "enviro" batteries or whatever (charged at the factory using solar-power), packaging was non-existant to keep with the earth theme.

Batteries came thrown together in a brown paper lunch bag and a cardboard box, LOL. Nothing else but a slip of scrap paper that tells you don't worry the packing is supposed to be like this and the batteries are in fact new.

Yup same here lol. No complaints whatsoever though. I measured all the voltages and they're all dead even at 1.333V for AAs and 1.311 for the AAAs.

Ditto for me. I counted them in the hopes some hippie beatnick slipped and gave me an extra, but no such luck. ;)

Me too. I gave up on Eneloop/Duraloop and decided to go with Turningy LSD from HobbyKing