Eneloops can shave...

Hi! One day my trusty Braun got out of juice even though it was charged recently :(

I was already planning to buy a new one (this was about 7yrs old) but then did a small Googling.

Easy enough to open, no need to google that but I was surprised of the battery type:

Two "nipple top" AA's.

Not bad brand, not LSD but still managed to make it for 7 years.

2 small china magnets and Eneloops are in!

(I sealed them down with glue, I believe they will run longer than the rest of the razer ;) )

Nice! The Eneloops are indeed a good fit for it.

Looks like I have another project. 8)


eneloop is a bit overkill for this, any non lsd ni-mh battery do the job.
At least you have a shaver that can wait unused a year without charging, and will have power to shave.

I’m not sure how using a couple of batteries that cost $2 each can be considered overkill considering the fact they are just about the best batteries on the market at this time. I’m a big fan
of using the best batteries these days. I have a couple of them in my electric toothbrush at this moment. Peace of mind if worth it.

Me too.

My thoughts exactly!

Too bad all my "non-branded" NiMh´s have gone through extinction after I got Eneloops...

I did not care to buy new bad ones just to fill this razor - I might still note, that I used my OLDEST available Eneloops.

They will probably run this shaver out before they die.

The sound, it got now A LOT LOUDER so that is a con for sure :tongue:

Probably because its running at full power now. It was prob just limping along before and you got used to it.

I love Eneloops and even they cost more than others, I think they are still a good value because of the capacity. My Eneloops run longer than any other brand of battery I have tried. The new AAAs are great.

Still on their first charge.

I remember when shaver was new, it could last very long time without a recharge.

It also lost this ability very fast. Two first cycles were noticeably longer in duration.

After all, if it lasts over one moth, maybe using LSD technology is not Overkill...

Did you lubricate when you reassembled ?
Might be a friction problem causing the noise…

I suspect it has a lot more to do with eneloops being able to provide a lot more current and not having much voltage sag under load. That little permanent magnet DC motor is now running at a higher rpm. Bet it gives a better shave too, less bogging down on coarse beard hair.

I replace the AA and AAA cells in my portable phones with eneloops when they die. Work great and don’t go dead nearly as fast when off dock

Still on the first charge.

I did not lube anything but the sound is now pretty much at the level it used to be earlier :slight_smile: