Enerdan GmbH present itself on the BLF as a battery assembler

With our brand Enerpower we wanted to see, if an assembly made in Germany would be appreciated. After 2 years we are happy to notice that some people (unfortunately not all) appreciate the quality of our assembly and are willing to pay more for that. We would like to stay in communication with all, who have new ideas for products, solutions etc.

Hi Assi :)

Great to see you here. Are single batteries a big part of your business or do you make most of your business B2B?

Are there plans to release 18500 protected cells?

-Simon (you know me from TLF ;) )

Welcome to BLF!

I have seen prices of Enerpower cells and HKJ’s excellent reviews on them, and the premium does come with a cost!

One suggestion would be to have a group buy (factory directly to consumers) so that more of us could try out cells with affordable prices.

I’m sure CPF (candlepowerforums) would be glad to have you as a representative as well.


Hi and welcome to BLF ! ! ! :party:

I stumbled over Enerpower 18650 in the local Globetrotter (Schloßstraße), but couldn’t afford them at this time.

Looking forward to further announcements !

I would not mind to offer a group buy just for the members of the forums. We are not willing to destroy the business of our distributers, but I am aware that you guys are sick :bigsmile: you can not ask sick people to pay a lot for their medicine :party:

If someone would like to arrange that, I would not mind at all…Simon, this business with Flash light batteries was a way to make people aware of us as a battery assembler (we have established the company at 2011).

Most of our core business is into B2B, mainly into the LiFePO4, where my partners are having around 10 years of experience with (mainly e-mobility). Most of our customers are OEM-Customers into different fields like medical equipment, security, but also into the consumer area. We do not only assemble batteries, but also solve all problems around it (Charging solutions).

Feel free to contact me, we are open for any new developement, Idea etc.


Hi assi, I was actually asking about your brand the other day, I found them on eBay and well, eBay and batteries is not usually a good day out. I found hkj’s reviews of your 26650 cells and I will be buying some, I just wanted to make sure the seller I found is you.


Hello Assi,

wishing all the best for your brands and enterprises!

Good luck and business!! :D

Cordial greetings from the kreisl

Yeah you know me too ;)

Yes, harvestmoonglory is the account of Enerdan. They are also on amazon.

If you have any questions, Assi is a great guy, pumped with knowledge and appreciation for tough questions! ;)

Just checked Amazon 2hours ago and found them, so far the best prize on the interwebs for a pair of Enerpower 2600mA (in germany).

I bought MAHA C9000 from them(Ebay) last year, it came advertised as in “New-other” condition and listing description stated that they have batch of brand new chargers that came in slightly damaged boxes, thats why they were selling them at the cheapest price Ive ever seen them going, anywhere(price+shipping to my country)!
My charger came in EXCELLENT condition, not only charger itself, but also its box was in EXCELLENT condition, no dents, nicks, nothing ;)!
Also, unlike many other Europe based sellers, they ask reasonable shipping charges, their shipping is really LOW and they package their shipments remarkably well, that alone is good reason to recommend them ;)!

My only wish is that if they could offer even more chargers it would be great, I wouldnt mind buying competitively priced AccuPower IQ328/TechnoLine BC700/AccuCell Alpha 800/Japcell BC4000 or their no-name clones :D!

Last year we made an import from Maha and the chargers came on a damaged Pallete. When I saw that i was first angry, but then I thought, well try to sell the chargers on this pallete as a damaged items.

You were lucky Veer to get one of those, who had nothing :bigsmile: Imagine yourself getting a damaged packaging of an item advertised as new….not a nice thing.

Under our brand Tensai we offer a range of different chargers TI-800L, TI-400L, TI-1200L and TI-1600L as well as our CC/CV Charger TI-1865L for Li-Ion batteries with an output of 1A.

thats pretty dang good customer service right there. i know a lot of other places (wont name names) would sell them at normal cost, and blame the shipping companies for damage, and unless it was broken wouldnt refund.

Welcome to BLF Assi, bought a few 26650's from you last week on ebay.

I guess Im lucky indeed :D!

Regarding Tensai chargers - Im sure they are good, especially those 8-16 bay chargers, however I would love to see some cheaper C9000 alternatives with test/refresh/capacity functions :D!

Why are these ebaylistings in £?
On your onlinestore you don’t sell batteries?
I am confused where to buy?

Good to have you here Assi :slight_smile:


most overpriced cells (that’s just an example) I’ve ever saw :bigsmile: Nice premium wrap :bigsmile:
I’m sorry, Assi, but I couldn’t resist :bigsmile:

Yeah, because Redilast, AW and co. are so cheap.. ;)

To all those who are looking for the Enerpower 26650 - we sell them on Amazon Europe and on eBay.co.uk. We can not destroy the business of our distributers, therefore we have to offer the batteries around 5% higher in price. For all members of Forums we offer the opportunity to organize and make a group buy. We have enough customer from the police departments in Germany that buy as a group for lower prices.

To the replacement to Powerex MH-C9000. Hopefully lately this year Tensai will represent its own Analyzer. Regarding prices, I would like to inform you a little bit about the costs of manufacturing. A good microprocessor (-DeltaV) costs around 8-10 USD. A “state of the Art” like in Powerex MH-C9000 will be at around 12-15 USD. A good heavy duty Power supply with more than 2A current will costs around 6-9 USD. These are the most cost intensive parts in such a charger. LCD-Display around 2-3 USD. Without mentioning the housing we are already at around 25 USD. The only way to save money is in the ability to purchase and sell in big quantities.

A reasonable price for Powerex MH-C9000 will be at around 44 - 48 Euro - don´t forget, Guarantee is for 3 years and the retailer must calculate this in his own costs!

In order to answer this question, I will post a short calculation of costs…but not purchasing costs! As a battery assembler we calculate the price in Wh - why?

Lets say you buy Ultrafire labeld with 3000 mAh for 5 Euro and Enerpower 2600 mAh for 12 Euro.

Ultrafire has 2000 mAh (optimistic) and makes around 100 cycles in average = 200A x 3.7 V = 740 Wh = 0,006 Euro per Wh

Enerpower has 2600 mAh and makes around 400 cycles in average = 1040A x 3.7V = 3848 Wh = 0,003 Euro per Wh

Which battery is cheaper? H)

And not only that…have you tried to claim a defective battery in China? What about costs of service, speed of delivery?

Last but not least - Most of China batteries place the PCB on the original shrink of the cell - due to that the battery is thicker. Some would save on the shrink (not PVC) and if your battery will fall once on the floor…end of the story!
In Enerpower we take the shrink of the cell away and use a thick PVC Shrink - these are extra costs! Further we are the only ones that are able to weld a button-Top directly on the cell!