Energizer charger

Anyone have any experience of this charger?

energizer charger

Cells need to be charged in pairs, which is a big fat fail in this day and age.

should i just get a sanyo eneloop charger then???

like this??

sanyo eneloop

A few months ago, when I decided to buy a new charger, that charger was in my list. But after dozen of hours of researching, I’ve decided to buy a truly intelligent charger directly. I wouldn’t bother with these. Pay a little bit more for a charger that can charge/discharge/refresh them all :bigsmile: (i.e. BC-700, one of the cheapest models). You will find more models and info in “Bat chargers” sub forum.


That Sanyo charger also charge batts in pairs.

thanks :slight_smile: was looking at cheaper ones as i have a £15 voucher that needs using…… looks like ill have to add a little cash to it :slight_smile:

Something like the BC-700 is definitely worth stretching the budget for. This one, that SashiX’s link turns up, seems to be an exact clone of it.

Check again my link, I’ve added more filters to that search :slight_smile:
Try Volcraft brand, cheaper than other but should be the same product. Read buyers review just in case.

PS: BC-500 can do the trick also :slight_smile: But if your wallet can allow £20.99 for a charger, buy one and be happy :bigsmile:

This is a pretty good one (though the batteries it comes with are not LSD):


This one too, though it doesn’t have individual indicator lights, it does charge batteries individually:


what about bc-300?? quick charging isnt critical for me at all here, this charger will be rarely used

Looks pretty good. The charge rate is kind of low, 300mA, which can make it hard for a charger to correctly sense when to cut off (unless it is pulse charging, which it probably is). There is a BC-500 that might be better, but it costs more. A good review of the BC-500 (labeled LaCrosse, I guess it’s the same thing as the Voltcraft):


I like the Sysmax Intellicharger V2 by nitecore, shop around and it occasionally goes on sale for $20. I have 4 of them :wink:

They run Nimh, nicd or lithium batteries.

I have this charger,it does fine for remote control batteries and my icon rogue.If it wasn't gifted to me,I doubt I would have bought it.The blue display is cool but you are better off with enloops.