EnerPower+ 18650 3400mAh *Made In Germany*

This deal alert is in response to i'm buying a bunch of keeppower 18650 3400mAh which eventually didnt come to realization. Both the Keeppower and this Enerpower+ are Protected 18650's based on Panasonic NCR18650B Japanese cell. EnerPower is the end consumer product of a German company specialized in assembling expensive top quality cells for industrial rechargeable cell packs and related technology.

I found an opportunity where we forum boardies could buy the EnerPower+ 18650 3400mAh for 15€/pc. Worldwide shipping is pretty much independent from order quantity and costs 4€. This price would be open to the public directly from the seller's webpage for a limited period of time ("introductory offer") and only if there exists a (small/big) number of potential buyers indeed.

Please regard this thread as feeler thread for a nonbinding group buy. In the end, each buyer would have to create his/her own account, place the order, do the payment, etc similar to any other commercial site (amazon, ..). So terms are clear and very simple.

Let's see how many BLF members would be tempted by such a price. Personal comment: 15€ is much cheaper than standard retail yet not to be called "budget" imho. For sure they are pricier than the KeepPower cells off the factory

So who would be in? (Your pcs is nonbinding, dont worry.)

Not me. :( That is 40 dollars for 2 cells which makes it way to expensive.

almost 42 bucks (depends on exchange rate). Finland sells them for record breaking 22.95€ woah!

40 bucks using google exchange rates. Easiest one to use. :)

kreisler, move this to “dubious deals” :smiley:

i can tell already haha .. even the 15€ (from retail 21-23€) are too expensive for us budget crowd $)

Official D25LC2 Clicky webpages:

http://www.eagletac.com/html/d25lc2rc/index.html (D25LC2 Clicky intro)

http://www.eagletac.com/html/d25lc2rc/specs.html (specs overview)

http://www.eagletac.com/html/d25lc2rc/features/output.html (beamshots)

http://www.eagletac.com/html/d25lc2rc/features/efficiency.html (efficiency)

http://www.eagletac.com/html/d25lc2rc/features/control.html (control, video)

http://www.eagletac.com/html/d25lc2rc/features/details.html (attention to details)

http://www.eagletac.com/download/gallery/d25lc2rcstd.zip (pics)

http://www.eagletac.com/download/gallery/d25lc2rchd.zip (pics HD)

http://www.eagletac.com/download/readme/d25rc.pdf (download manual)

http://www.eagletac.com/html/d_series/compare-d-rc-series/index.html (comparison to other Clicky’s)

http://www.eagletac.com/html/d_series/d25_clicky_series.html (Clicky series overview)

Noteworthy or relevant D25LC2 Clicky user references:

  1. 2012-04-25 jojoselected : Eagletac D25 clicky serie D25C2 D25LC2, video in German, quick product presentation and demonstration of UI, good for very first impression of D25LC2's nice compactness. jojo was the very first on the WWW to provide user-created material. pioneering efforts.
  2. 2012-05-15 Mev : EagleTac D25LC2 Clicky (Cree XM-L U2) Review, short impersonal review. has few high quality photos of the main flashlight parts. short objective dry description of obvious details of the flashlight parts, is wrong about memory mode. kind of a "shortened summary" of the above ET pages. white wall beam profiles for Turbo/Hi/Med/Low, no Moonlight. since all of his white walls shots are plain green, they could be used for qualitative beam profile comparisons and as indication of brightness levels or beam artifacts between different flashlight models reviewed by Mev but not for indication of tint or tint tendencies of (t)his reviewed flashlights, unfortunately. the core of Mev's work lies in the runtime tests and brightness graphs and measurements. he lists own lumen and lux measurements for Turbo/Hi/Med/Low/Moonlight, lists runtime measurements for Turbo/Hi/Med, has brightness graphs for Turbo/Hi/Med on both 1x18650 and 2xCR123.
  3. 2012-05-29 selfbuilt : Eagletac D25 Clicky Series Round-up Review (D25C, D25A2, D25LC2 - XM-L & XP-G), with ~230 replies among the Top 6 in the CPF review charts this thread is the author's most extensive work to date. it covers all important aspects of the series, the common features apart from the individual models with their minor differences. descriptions in the build overview are neutral, concise and accurate, photos of the flashlight parts taken with sufficient detail, LED centricity closeups. the UI is described carefully and contains extra info overlooked by other reviewers. for frequency analysis most of the 4 brightness levels and 7 blinky modes are visualized with an oscilloscope. author presents standardized data of multiple flashlights within the same battery config class: size/weight comparisons, white wallshot comparisons, accurate measurements for lumens output (min, max, ceiling bounce) and throw (lux, beam distance), full brightness-vs.-runtime graphs parameterized after comparable flashlight models. as always the author concludes his review with a summary (called Preliminary Observations and Potential Issues) of all noteworthy, the not-so-obvious, or simply outstanding aspects within the flashlight/review. the extra length of this massive review is attributed to the long section called General Output/Runtime Comments where full light is thrown on the discrepancy of Eagtac's specs and the reviewer's own measurements pun intended. Highly recommended reading if one is interested in technical details, tables of standardized lumen measurements, and brightness graphs. Just dont forget that selfbuilt uses 2200mAh low capacity 18650 Liion cells whereas nowadays 3100 or 3400mAh Panasonic cells are what new buyers look into. And even with old 2600mAh Sanyo cells the runtimes are considerably longer than his measured data.
  4. 2012-05-29 cpfselfbuilt : Eagletac D25C "Clicky" Family Review (D25C, D25A2, D25LC2), by selfbuilt, video introduction of the D-series lights, explains common features, the UI, highlights selected distinctive details of each model since they are not merely scaled models, finds the lights petite and impressive for their light output. this table top quick review is helpful to get a first real-life impression of the looks and relative dimensions of the series members. for special notes and detailed analysis of various aspects of the light's build quality and performance the reader is referred to the written full review.
  5. 2012-05-30 rastigo : Eagletac D25LC2 Clicky reviewed, one of the many cpf threads where the OP shares how happy and satisfied he is with a just gotten newly bought flashlight product. key title words reviewed and poll lead to a good amount of initial attention but when it becomes clear that both the "review" and the poll suck so hard, comments by the participating members go astray. has some funny or amusing moments.
  6. 2012-06-21 gearhounds : Eagletac D25LC2 Clicky XP-G S2 Review, compares to Mini which was reviewed by same author, compact review text with some personal insight and original thoughts, ideas for product improvement, nicely compiled product photos, detailed description of flashlight parts as shown in the photo. review doesnt contain any test results, own numbers or technical measurements but focuses on the informative value of beam shots. 43(!) singular beam shots at night (outdoor/indoor) taken at different distances to provide qualitative impression of the illuminative power, the throw capability, the mode spacing, and the perfect white tint of the XP-G S2 emitter. Compare these photos with corresponding beam shots to realize the brightness difference between other flashlight models reviewed by the same author. if one finds singular beam shots helpful, then this work ranks as best of its kind.
  7. 2012-06-23 AardvarkSagus : EagleTac D25LC2 Clicky Review - A Layman's Perspective, far from any typical ambitious review the author quickly wrote down off the top of his head the few lasting impressions of the product after having used it for a short time. he asks the right questions and in thoughtful notes points out selected uncommon positive design elements. confirms absence of mode memory. photographic material in decorative function, 1 photo shows a ripped holster snap, funny. In typical blogger manner writes in a likeable personal narrative style dwelling only on very few constructive details which peeked his interest including some honest criticism and overall evaluation. uses the word tacticool. with the author's little effort spent still worth reading.
  8. 2012-07-11 goingprepared : Eagletac D25A D25A2 D25C D25LC2 Clicky Flashlight Review, unlike real video reviews such as nutnfancy's experience reports just a neutral videographic presentation of the series showing the package contents and the basic operation of the light with no further revealing info by an enlightening insider pun intended or from a critical flashaholic's standpoint. 2nd half of the video demonstrates how much brighter one model over the other is. also runs li-ions in D25A and D25C. since goingprepared does similar video presentations of many other brand name lights it could be possible to qualitatively compare the brightness and beam profiles of different flashlight models. personally i find these presentations of extremely limited help or usefulness sorry no offense.
  9. 2012-07-17 virtuovice : Flashlight review / EagleTac D25C2 Clicky, "Hello flashlight people,.." Japanese hardcore user of hunting knives and flashlights doesnt like the holster, compares to Quark, thinks that Eagtac has more throw and lumen, points out fabrication similarities, likes lanyard ring, no moonlight mode or memory, 4Sevens loses outdoor beam comparison. explains why he likes or dislikes certain features and his personal opinion or preference should prove helpful for the prospective buyer. nicely made comparison with a clear winner.
  10. 2012-07-22 virtuovice : EagleTac D25C2 Clicky / XM-L U2 or XP-G S2, owns 4 similar lights, outdoor beam comparison of Fenix PD31 vs. S2, and S2 vs. U2. explains how the beams differ or are rather similar and which light has the better beam in his opinion. you can see the greenish tint of the Fenix and the superiority of the S2 beam. as walking light though he likes the U2 much better than the S2 because of the brighter spill area. helpful comparison if one wants to see live action of a XP-G versus a XM-L LED shining against dark objects such as street asphalt and trees.
  11. 2012-07-23 virtuovice : EagleTac D25C2 Clicky among Turbo head flashlights., first does a table top comparison of 3 popular brand name flashlights with turbo heads Klarus/Jetbeam/Sunawayman, interesting enough to see since he obviously makes heavy RL use of all these lights including the sheaths and long lanyards, beam differences and imperfections are pointed out of Jetbeam, focuses then on direct comparison between Klarus and Eagtac. because of the turbo head Klarus wins it for throw and real tactical applications. bottom line is, the 2 lights are made for different purposes and it is like comparing apples and oranges.
  12. 2012-07-25 candle lamp : Eagletac D25LC2 (XM-L U2, 1x18650, 2x(R)CR123A) Review, a good work by an ambitious Korean reviewer which went largely unnoticed with ~1400 views and 9 replies on cpf. detailed descriptions of the flashlight parts with numerous informative photos and closeups. maybe the best series of photos of its kind. describes minute design features, details on pocket clip, reversibility, threads, battery adapter, lens coating, lanyard attachment, weight, handiness, battery fitment, holster, UI and PWM. presents brightness-vs-runtime graph for 1x18650 and 2xCR123 on Turbo/Hi/Med. No repeated runtime tests performend and quality of used cells questionable. very good visualization of output levels when toggling moonlight mode. shows that D25C's moonlight is lower than D25LC2's moonlight. since the author does standardized beam shots of many high quality flashlights, the 2 given outdoor beamshots on Turbo mode suffice to demonstrate how poorly the XML throws. lacks further beamshots and graphs typically encountered in his other reviews.
  13. 2012-08-01 rozopt : Eagletac D25LC2 Clicky XM-L NW review outdoors, detailed desktop video review in Russian, slow unboxing, application of lanyard, much talking in Russian i doht understand, how to remove lanyard ring, disassembly of tail cap, removal of pocket clip, disassembly of head, reassembly with clip-on reflector (nice!), rattle test, demo of all blinky modes, outdoor beam show at night. video gives you some idea of what NeutralWhite tint looks like, namely very warmish.
  14. 2012-08-02 ssr : Обзор EagleTac D25LC2 Clicky, review in Russian, shows full disassembly of head and of tail, time lapse animated gif of runtime on Turbo mode, mini table of ampere and lux readings, lots of high quality product photos of part details and closeups, concise text of an otherwise very ambitious reviewer writing from a critical user's standpoint with much thought, experience and insight. beamshots directly comparable to his many other works. translate.google.com results in funny Engrish text dont laugh.
  15. 2012-08-05 virtuovice : My favorite EDC flashlights so far, shows again his 4 similar EDC lights, explains for each model what he likes and dislikes, essential practical aspects of pocket clips, likes simplicity in the UI's, switches maybe from same factory but ET switch has the edge over others, indoor beam shot comparison in a screening hall, clever juxtaposition of 2 throwy lights Fenix vs. S2, and later on 2 floody lights Quark vs. U2. while difficult to discern differences, still helpful to learn that there are differences. after watching the series of virtuovice videos one would know whether the throwy S2 or the floody U2 suits one's needs better.
  16. 2012-08-26 Dr O : D25LC2 as a headtorch, the OP is a serious and experienced user of headlamps and showcases the famous Fenix headband, nutnfancy's favorite product of this kind!, as perfect accessory for the D25LC2 because of the compact dimensions, the low weight and especially the incredible runtimes on Turbo and Hi. It does beat for example the weight and runtimes of a Fenix LD20 loaded with 2x Eneloop.
  17. 2012-09-08 GoingGear.com : Flashlight Comparison 2.2: Pt 87 - Eagletac D25LC2 Clicky XM-L, quick outdoor beam shot video at night in the open field as part of a series of similar beam shot videos. after watching several videos of the same series one has got a good appreciation of what flashlights or the Eagtac EDC XM-L U2 lights can do out in the field and what they cant do. easy to see that the D-series XML is all flood compared to the other flashlights of the Flashlight Comparison 2.2 series. unfortunately the D-series XP-G2 and XP-G S2 are not included in this otherwise comprehensive video series
  18. 2012-09-16 Tyler___Durden : Looking at buying a EagleTac D25LC2 Clicky. Peoples thoughts?, interesting thread of a female non-flashaholic who put impressive effort and thought in coming to a well-founded purchase decision. She asks intelligent questions, step after step, receives plenty of guidance and advise from experienced flashaholics and Eagtac users, and gradually gets closer to the final choice of products to be ordered from recommended dealers. discussion includes needed acquisition of suitable not necessary budget accompanying items such as li-ion charger and batteries. her energy and interest make it apparent that she could have found through the jungle of purchase options on her own by herself, anyway it is a delight to see the mostly male community giving her a hand in a joint effort to help her make the right and happy choices tailored to her clearly specified RL applications.
  19. 2012-09-16 shelm : EagleTac D25-series: Which models did you buy?, poll on cpf to determine the most popular models among the D-series. the flagship in this series, the D25LC2 Clicky, seems also to be the most often sold model. Sales data reveal that the Minis sell far less well than the Clickies. contact me if you need a BLF quote on this or other ET flashlight product.
  20. 2012-11-09 kreisler : Review: EagleTac D25LC2 Clicky XM-L U2, the text you are reading right now. humbly acknowledging the ambitious and successful review efforts of previous reviewers and that their work cant be emulated by any means let alone surpassed he prefers to gather notable existing sources of third-party info regarding the product à la literature research and evaluate their utility. does a great job in doing so. a unique and fantastic approach of reviewing a flashlight: a review of flashlight reviews!! incredible that dude, kreisl once more an original hero in the flashlight scene!

Less popular and why would anyone want a twisty 1x18650 please? instructive for the XP-G S2 LED:

  1. 2011-09-06 jojoselected : Eagletac D25 mini
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bestvaping.net will sell them for around 9 each for unprotected or 10 each for protected. I can wait.

let's see how much bestvaping charges for shipping

Ok, I put in an order of 2 batteries to test what shipping would cost with DHL.

The batteries are assembled by DANTECH ENERGY GmbH, they also seem to do the Spark 2600. I have one of those, the spot welding makes them look cheap.
Enerpower & Weiss are available here locally.