Epic Fireflies News Drops - SOOO many new amazing lights coming soon.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Fireflies Christmas. 8^)

It was only right that this news gets dropped here too.

I know many have been busy with other lights, but Fireflies has been amazing and apparently only getting better and better at assembling an arsenal of enthusiast lights. QC has been amazing, and lights have been jaw-dropping. If you haven’t been checking for Fireflies, you’ve definitely been missing out.

Also, E07x Pro (Ted & Black ANO) & Nov-Mu are back in stock for a limited run.

Consider yourselves thoroughly warned

EDIT: Meant to say this but forgot. The “Holy Shit Jack” was my response to him (right above that) confirming that the T1R will in fact have the Lume 1 driver and that it will be under $60 bucks. There was so much news coming so fast I could keep up with reactions, much less the questions.

My PL09MU and PL09MUQ work fine, and are aesthetically beautiful, but every time I look around their store, what kills most of my interest is the emitter choices. 519A, when it’s available, is only in 5000K. That’s tolerable indoors, but not the most pleasant for outdoor use. I really wish he had some in the 4000-4500K range, whether that be 519A, FC40, or something comparable. Many of the other emitters I see there have a reputation for being green-tinted, too. That’s always a dealbreaker for me. I’m allergic.

Jack will dedome them for free. They end up at roughly 3700k. Also, have you seen/heard of the PL09mu E21A 7+2 (4500k/2000k). It’s 4000k, but the rosiest pink beauty I have seen. And I have a lot of rosy, and this is a gawd-tier tint. Highly recommend.

Hmm, tried to embed this video but it didn’t work.

Actually, here is a Full List of everything Jack is dropping on our heads like a Shaq dunk.

P01 - 14500 USB-C

P02 - 18650 (I think)

P03 - 18350 USB-C

X1 - Loneoceans Boost Driver - 21700

T1R - Lume1 Driver - 21700 & 22430

Arrow LEP - 21700 - 1400 Meters

Hunter LEP - 21700 - 2500 Meters

E12C - 21700 1500-1800 Lumen regulated output.

E07x - 21700 Lume 1 Driver

Nov-Mu - 21700 Lume 1 Driver

E12C is NUTS!!! Can wait to get mine.

FF certainly knows how to make an entry...

Good news indeed

Very keen for these, can’t wait to see some renders/prototypes

Glad to hear he’s coming out swinging! That 14500 sounds really interesting. I’m not really into LEPs but that’s a big leap for him and I’ll bet those end up being good performers.


Efficient drivers can only be a good thing!

Please, I just want a KR1 sized light with a electronic tail switch and a high performance B35AM.

After that, I’ll finally be content in the 21700 form factor.

I Second that hehe

Someone just asked Jack what colors the P01 (14500 light) will come in. He said Orange, Black and Red. FYI

P01 = nice :sunglasses:

Hadn’t thought about it, but now that you mention it. For that throw I can only imagine it’s an Osram at this price.

Very similar form factor to a FW1a. If it’s a tail switch I will buy.

Any lights without Androol?

If it does use Anduril I hope it has the normal strobe options instead of the alternating frequency police strobe that I think has been used in previous Fireflies.

T1R, X1, E07X, Nov-Mu & E12C. And these are just the new releases. All other lights in the Fireflies store are pretty much anduril too (most Anduril 2 by now also).

Store link if interested

E12C Product Page

When’s that ROT66 gen3 coming out with a high efficiency driver