Epoxy a Flashlight?

Hey guys i am wondering of any one on here has ever used epoxy to seal a flashlights internals? My mate always drops his lights and they break normal wear and tear of course i am thinking of potting epoxy on the driver board?
I could always just use hot glue also? The lights use boost drivers being AAA and AA lights so covering the Boost driver is okay the coil winding and all?


Dunno about lights, but epoxy is the norm for potting electronics against severe conditions, and it conducts some heat for sinking as well.


Thanks mate!
I think it is used in some power tools.

I have used one sealing that is made for automotive aplications. It is not so good as sealing but have good thermal conductivity, similar to chinise fujik thermal glue. I think you can find some thermal glue offline.
You can also use:
-special sealings that are used to fill big electricity connections,
-greases for automotive electrics
-resin/lacquer that is usually used to cover pcbs and make them non-conductivity

Thanks mate! I will look into what is the best option.
I know grease will work for conductivity and waterproofing but wont help much for parts falling of if the light is dropped. Unless i pack it in like bearing grease lol so tights nothing moves lol

Resin is a good idea thanks!

If you want to have fall protection best option is special material that is used to fix small chips in pcbs of devices for military and etc.
I suppose it is hard to find, so you can just use any abro sealing, just check elecrical conductivity.

Just do a search for electrical potting compound, it should be easy enough to find. Look for one that doesn’t shrink as it cures.

A 30 second search shows this one that easily available in Aus. Polyurethane Potting Compound | Jaycar Electronics

Edit- refreshing the page shows it as out of stock.

Thanks mate i was typing epoxy in front so i didn’t find much! I used similiar stuff like this at Telstra in copper joints

Thanks heaps i will add that to the list!

PFlexPRO states what they use to pot their electronics in their about us page: