ER10450 / 10450ER Lithium Primary Cells 3.6V, ok for flashlights?

Hi again.

In my quest for keychain lights, I’ve looking to see if I can get the best of all worlds - lumens as well as shelf life.

I’ve discovered that there do exist AAA-size 3.6V disposable batteries, “Lithium Thionyl” based. Not cheap.\_lwgsi=y&cbt=y

Other than the self-correcting potential for overheating, is there any reason to avoid using these batteries in a flashlight that accepts a 10440, considering that I’m giving these as gifts to mature (not elderly) adults?

I have the AA version of those and they are find up to around 1 amp but they can't supply any more current than that. If you look at the page you linked to the max discharge rate is 15 ma.