Erik's supercharged XR-E

Thought I would share some quick thoughts after using E's incredible XR-E drop-in. I'll either do a formal review later or maybe just add some beam shots to this thread but I must say; this damn thing is the XR-E to beat all XR-E's.

In my trusty, old version silver L2 with a protected Solarforce 18650/2400, I measured 2.73 amps on high, .74 on medium and .10 on low.

It is brighter than my new 8.4 volt XM-L from Solarforce and it spanks every R5 I have. And, since XR-E's are the surface brightness kings, my guess is that this hot rod will give a P60 some real throw.

Unwrapped in my L2, it got a little warm . . . . I stopped when it reached 120° but it was still going up. I thought it would be more ringy than it is with an SMO and the tint is a very nice cool white.

No disappointments with this guy, I can assure you. This is one XR-E you will take seriously.


Ooooh tell us more! Any chance for beamshots? :o) Also, 2.73 is insane for an XR-E! I always thought the upper limit was about 1.2 (per CREE) and some mods have it overdriven to 2 max but wow that's really new territory for the XR-E's.


This is an individual’s modded light or can we buy it? Eagerly awaiting your review.

Pics, pics, pics :smiley: :crown:

We really would like to see pics

Just lay that light down on your bricks

Snap a photograph please

And don't be a tease

Throw a nice beamshot in just for kicks

I don’t know why people keep repeating that the XR-E is the surface brightness king, it’s not. In fact the EZ die used in both the XR-E and XP-E are IDENTICAL. Also, the only difference in the die between the XR-E, XR-C, XP-E, XP-C, XP-G and XM-L is the size of dies that the wafer was cut into. A XR-E and XM-L die is identical in structure etc. one is just 4mm^2 vs 1mm^2.

Waiting for it to get fully dark . . .

Also; that's what I get for repeating something I assumed to be fact. I actually don't know squat about surface brightness, just always heard it said about the XR-E and my MPP1 is such an incredible thower . . . I've always been amazed that such a small die could reach that far. When I heard so many people say it had lots of surface brightness, I thought that was why. Why does it seem to throw so well?

Anyway, beam shots coming . . .


Package design. Smaller output angle focuses more of the light forward.

Surface Brightness is going to be a quotient of Lumens and Emitter Surface Area.

XM-L; T6; 280Lumens * 3.25 @ Max Drive = 910 Lumens
2mm * 2mm = 4sq mm
910 Lumens/4 = 227.5 Lumens per Sq MM

XR-E; Q5; 107 Lumens * 2.2 @ Max Drive = 235.4 Lumens
.88mm * .88mm = .7744sq mm
235.4 Lumens/.7744 = 303.97 Lumens per Sq MM

XR-E; R2; 114 Lumens * 2.2 @ Max Drive = 250.8 Lumens
.88mm * .88mm = .7744sq mm
250.8 Lumens/.7744 = 323.86 Lumens per Sq MM

XP-E; R5; 139 Lumens * 2.2 @ Max Drive = 305.8 Lumens
.98mm * .98mm = .9604sq mm
305.8 Lumens/.9604 = 318.41 Lumens per Sq MM

XP-C; Q4; 100 Lumens * 1.25 @ Max Drive = 125 Lumens
.68mm * .68mm = .4624sq mm
125 Lumens/.4624 = 270.33 Lumens per Sq MM

XP-G; R5; 139 Lumens * 3.3 @ Max Drive = 458.7 Lumens
1.4mm * 1.4mm = 1.96sq mm
458.7 Lumens/1.96 = 234.03 Lumens per Sq MM

Math says that the XRE-R2 should be the surface brightness king. These numbers go right out the window in over-driven scenarios, however… Different packages react differently to overdrive.


Ahh well, I'll still stand corrected, I guess . . . .


How do you stand corrected?

You said:
And, since XR-E’s are the surface brightness kings

After doing math…
I said:
Math says that the XR-E R2 should be the surface brightness king

Are we not in agreement? :slight_smile:

I meant with bose301 . . .


Eh, what’s he know anyway? :slight_smile:

May have to dig into this one, curious as to why the surface brightness of the XR-E comes out higher when the actual light emitting part of all EZ based products is identical. Now the new XT-E and XB-D as well as MT-G2 and high voltage XM-L are fabbed differently so things would be different there.

Those new XRE R2s I got are insane, 2.8amps are you kidding me. It’s really to bad they are EZ1000s but they still destroy the EZ900s for brightness even thought the corona is slightly larger. I was freakin blown away when I put the first one together. I knew Foy was the man to send one to. I have slowly but surely been converting all my XRE weapon lights to these they absolutely destroy any other XRE I have tested. I can’t wait to see your beam shots.

E, is there a special place you are buying your xr-e r2’s at?

Yup very special………….

Okay, here we go . . . all taken at 1/4 second shutter speed @ f2.7.

This is a 5-mode UltraFire XP-G/R5 I got from Manafont. (old version L2)

This the Solarforce 8.4 volt XM-L. (L2X extended, 2 x 18650)

This is Erik's XR-E. (old version L2)

Left is the UF R5 and right is Erik's XR-E.


Pretty dang amazing, I think.


Thats a bright lookin son of a gun!!! Sweet pics and Great work by both!!!