Error with text editor

After I’ve selected preview I keep getting “TypeError: document.getElementById(…) is null” when I select add image, link, etc. Even if I wipe everything it still pops up. This happens on both editors

Tried different browsers, clearing both locations of cache and even the browser cache .

I’ve never encountered this before, I also haven’t recently install any plugins or programs.

Edit: It only happens when creating a new thread so must be a website error. Even if I try editing this by adding an image, select preview, and select image again it errors out.

If I post a new comment, it’s fine.

I was sent a flashlight to review and I can’t unless this is fixed

Can someone please try creating a new thread, inserting an image, hit preview, try inserting a second image?

Yeah, I noticed this as well, already last year or so. I just prepare everything as a comment and copy it over to a new thread afterwards.

Hmmm, okay, well I’m glad it’s not just me because I was getting real frustrated.

I’ll do as you say, thank you

It would be great if someone could tell the admin to look into it