Eurekatronix/Virence (Nichia E21A/E17A/B35AM) Group Buy for those in London

Hello all,

I’m putting in a group order with Eurekatronix to split the $31 shipping to the UK. I will also be contacting Clemence to see if we can get a bulk discount (but this is uncertain). Is there anyone around London who would like to join? Ideally I’d rather not post things on due to added risk, cost, and complexity. I’m happy to cycle to meet you if you’re in the London area though. This may be a bit specific but I thought I’d ask here first!

I’d like to place the order in the next week or so, do let me know if you’re interested or have any further questions.

Good initiative, The B35A is a very nice LED that more people should try. This could help for H04 E21A shipping to UK too.
Clemence is used to work with group shipping, we have a EU group shipping but unfortunately that wont help for UK since with brexit there would be VAT and fees when reshipping.

I would suggest to make a post on reddit r/flashlight to gather more people.