Ever seen companies' websites hijacked from search results?

It’s happened to me a few times, with different flashlight brands. Can’t reproduce it right now. I click on a Google search result that should take me to the company’s page, but I get redirected to a spam site. Last one was to some sweepstakes .club URL.

You sure you’re using Google? Maybe you have an infected or bad plugin installed on your browser?

That would be my first guess too. But I forgot to mention it was on my iPhone (I know iPhones aren’t immune but it’s unlikely), it only happens to some websites, and only the first time I click the link.

Yup, Rofis is one of them.

YES!! This was the latest one but I can’t recreate it right now.

That happened to me with Rofis a while ago, but it was very intermittent.

I find myself wondering if a dodgy domain registrar is playing games with DNS or something to randomly divert people to spam sites in exchange for money under the counter.

“Guaranteed quality hits! We’ll divert a small percentage of legitimate requests to your site for just a small commission!”

If I were Rofis, I would be investigating this very closely, because being known for spam would seriously damage their reputation.

Yes, I see all sorts of legitimate websites and terms that get harvested by link spammers. I think it might be malware on the server side. But they basically need legitimate sentences and blocks of text to fool Google into thinking it’s a legitimate page, and then they mix in their spam links to boost the Google page rank.

It’s still happening, and this time I caught a video of it! Haven’t managed to edit it, but here’s a screenshot of history:

Rofis’ page again. Rofis’ reputation is rapidly going down the drain.