Everybody should carry a torch

And ask CPF if you have questions. As long as they’re advanced questions. :smiley:


Interesting choice showing the old school Mag at the top of the flashlight food chain.

These technical papers are over my head.

"...use up your light’s battery juice..."

A Primer on Flashlights: Every Man Should Carry a Torch | The Art of Manliness The original complete article with pictures. instead of the 90’ website. :bigsmile:

I love the old commercials presented on this page.

“You should have used a Daylo !”
Simply great !

convoy m1 replaces everything but edc and has lots of lumens

my 1 sentence summary of the article

it is quite well written but could use some upgrading

I’d be disappointed if my key chain light only did 500 lumens tbh

what keychain light do you have?


He never loses his keys.