Exclude Commercial threads from Recent Posts

Lately BLF seems really spammy. I only use Recent Posts and most of the threads seem to be from the Commercial forum. It would be nice to filter these out somehow from the Recent Posts “feed” without having to browse each category separately.

Probably more work, but would be nice if there was some way for each member to choose which subfora show in Recent Posts.

Thanks for reading.


I'm happy with the way it is. I only read the recent posts as well. If the commercial sellers stuck to one thread which they updated as some do it would be a lot cleaner.

i would love to have the option (like in “my subscriptions”) to unsubscribe unsee threads i do not want to see any more in the Recent posts…

also that only updated and new threads are shown there :wink:

I’m really missing the old Usenet feature called “Killfile” — that allows you to specify which user’s posts you never want to see again.

Specifically I’d like to use it for the topics that are read-only advertising, from some poor staff member posting their misleading claims here day after day, knowing it’s overpriced, but it’s a job and that’s all they can do.

Boring. Or infuriating.

There’s a tool for this for some blogging platforms, also called Killfile.