< Exclusive Product >Armytek Wizard C2 Pro Max Magnet USB Cree XHP70.2 with Battery 4000 Lumens (Sand) and (ODG Olive)

Hello BLF Members !!!

We’re proud to say that we now have the Armytek Wizard C2 Pro Max’s in stock. We are the only online retailer in the world to carry these items.

Production was limited. The Armytek factory produced the Olive and Sand Edition for us.

Check out the links for the products:

Please feel free to email us through the website if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you again.

Where do the lights ship from?

Burbank, CA.

I’ve ordered from these folks. They are legit good, and provide excellent tracking updates. Highly recommended.

The HU60 seems interesting.

Although a power bank isn’t included in your offering, is the cable to a power bank such as nitecore NPB 1 or 2 included? Is the power cord from the NPB1 to the HU60 included in a direct from nitecore purchase of the npb1?

I’m interested, but obviously need a “system”.

Additionally, I added to my cart in your store, but don’t see where to use the Dicount code. Is it after or as one adds credit card info or in the PayPal link?


We are located in Burbank, Ca. I use priority shipping rates, its pretty quick 1-3 days, delivered.




Please use the discount code FATHER30 at checkout. Yes you are correct, power bank is not included, the power/USB cord is, you can use any power bank, you dont have necessarily purchase the power bank from Nitecore. I would highly suggest you purchase an Anker brand power bank. Check out the link for Amazon.

Please email me at brightlumenshop@gmail.com if you need further assistance.



Order Nitecore HU60 from BrightLumens. Free shipping (same day) with tracking. Highly recommended.
Thank you.

Ordered a Fireflies E07 using the coupon code. Excited for the light to show up. Wish you all had Navy Blue or Red but anything for Nichia 219s. :+1:

Thank you for your order. We try our best with the colors, everything is just so limited these days. As soon as we test your light we’ll process your order to be shipped out.

Best Regards,

Alex G.

I got a Navy and really like it. You will like yours too tint is fantastic.