[expired]Deal Alert: TangsFire C8 8W XM-L2 U3 1300LM only US$12.99+free shipping

Do you want TangsFire C8? come here only US$12.99 :slight_smile:


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more details about TangsFire C8 Tangsfire C8 XM-L2 U3 Review - 18650 Flashlights - BudgetLightForum.com

Updated Other product: http://www.tmart.com/TrustFire-CREE-XM-L-T6-5-Modes-3800LM-LED-Flashlight-Electric-Torch_p125449.html

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Order Number: 131218EHXXXX
Date: 12/18/2013
Total Amount: $12.99
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TangsFire C8 8W XM-L2 U3 1300LM Aluminum Alloy Flashlight Black $19.92 1
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Been wanting a c8 for a while now to mod so I just ordered one.
Hope it pulls 4A with the East-092.

Mine does about 3.5 amps on a Tenergy 2400 protected and really kicks out some light. I think you will like it.

Thanks Louis, got one, limit one per person. Ships from USA warehouse.

Hard to beat at this price
It made me get one

Nice price but no memory mode or grouping.

Couldn’t help myself, What a Price!

Now, Louis, Can we get some choices on tints and emitters?
Some other sites have starting offering these options and it seems to be well received.

Anyway, thanks for the killer deal.

very good price i have ordened one.


Ordered one … my 1st C8


I have been looking at this light for a few days. Couldn’t pass it up for this price. This will be my first xm-l2.

Hi all, regarding the East-092 driver. According to the specs at FastTech, the output current of the driver is 1900mA on high, and 5 volts. I don’t understand how it can be pulling 4 amps at the tail cap. I’m a newbee to the site, so your explanation is appreciated.


Hi and Welcome to BLF!

To answer your question, battery quality has everything to do with output achieved with this particular flashlight. The driver it uses (East-092) will run in what we call “Direct Drive” in that it is pretty much a direct signal path from the battery to the emitter or LED.
This is great if you are using decent batteries. As you spend time here you are going to learn a lot about batteries.
Anyway, the person responsible for the Specs given in the description is probably using either cheap batteries or the same battery to test lots of lights all day without recharging them to full power.

Either way, this light will pull good amperage if feed good amperage.
And you do not need to spend a fortune on a good battery.
These batteries are great for the money.


Ill give it a chance.. :)

Seems like a good deal, I'm in for one.

Now I can compare it to the ones I ordered a year ago. They were excellent.

I gave away my c8 a while back and didn’t have a good thrower in my collection. Now I will.
I haven’t bought any lights in a while and this broke the ice. Used $1.30 in bonus points too.
My real passion is a good edc that uses 14500’s. To me that is just the right size for my pocket and hand.
If anyone has a titanium Eagletac that they would like to talk about I’d be happy to listen (read).
I just can’t afford one at the moment.

Ordered one - couldn't resist for that price.

louis huang -- can you verify the specs listed for this light having a true XM-L2 U3?

-- of course if you answer "Yes", I won't believe you but would be interested in some sort of proof, evidence or reason why you think it may be a true XM-L2 U3 binned emitter from CREE. We can all tell it's in the family of XM-L2's from the white background on the surface around the phosphor/silicon covered dome, so that means it could be a T6 or U2 (U3's are extremely limited of course).


Looking forward to your measurements followed by thoughts about the bin claim. :)

I'm more interested if he replies to my U3 question , doubt he will reply though. I'm just hoping it's a standard size C8 pill, standard C8 threads, etc. I'm thinking it should be, similar to the LightMalls C8's. I did buy a TMART C8 a while back and think it was all standard sizes, but that was with an SS bezel, different I'm sure from what they are selling now. If he does respond saying it's a confirmed U3, then that will be enough to encourage me to do some head to head testing against T6's and U2's.