[expired]Deal Alert: TangsFire C8 8W XM-L2 U3 1300LM only US$12.99+free shipping

So glad you guys picked these up before I got back this evening. It was extremely difficult resisting this beastly light.

well, I read/understood it as: 30 lights total for the discount price (i.e. 30 uses of the coupon code), 1 light per person only.

When a co-worker tried buying one however, his order got rejected, saying only one piece allowed (something like that). So from that message, I could only assume they were checking on IP addresses because he was using a different TMART account, but the IP address is the same as the IP address I used (same company network, appears as one IP address externally). Later, someone else at work tried it, but by logging into their remote home PC, and got rejected saying all coupon codes are used up (something like that), so I assumed 30 orders were already made.

I knew these would go quick... Good deal and from the US warehouse.

5A is up there if you left it all stock with the thin LED wires, no copper wired springs. Not surprising you got it that high though - still aluminum star and those SONY 30A's are an incredible cell - on par, maybe better than the Sam 20R's. 5A's on an aluminum star though can be dangerous, but the SONY 30A's sure won't last too long at that high amp range.

Can you provide links to the best places to buy those batts? I’m going to give them a try.

Also tried to order but,

” : Apply Coupon

oops, you miss the chance; the code was used up.
Payment Method: ”

I wanted to get in just to see what an East-092 driver can do. Will just have to wait for the next offer.

I haven’t run it too much. As soon as I saw the 5A reading, I said, I better get som Noctigons in there pronto.

And there’s another reason I don’t have a C8 …

Oh boy - think I got mine from eBay or FT maybe?? These cells are not very practical though, listed here for your info: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1420/10004185/1315400-sony-us18650vtc3-18650-1600mah-3-7v-rechargeable

They are only 1600 mAh, so good for a couple of mins of high lumens glory . I've used these things in Super Shockers, and other high amp lights and they are great to see capability, and best possible output/throw you can get, but practical usage is somewhat limited for sure. I call them the SONY 30A cells for short. Very similar to the high amp SONY 26650's - great for testing with, but at 2600 mAh or so, not practical for a 26650.

Be very carefuly with these things, like the Samsung 20R's. For direct drive lights (East-092 drivers, etc.) and others out there, you get in some dangerous level of amps at a full charge. If you use a high amp regulated driver, these type of cells are the best to reach those high amps, not for long though...

I went to order one yesterday evening(europe)around the time of Tom E's post,#21,which I hadn't seen.Put in order,look for

coupon box-,no-,abandon.

Reread thread and decide to try again,maybe code is after you start on Paypal.I press pay on paypal,coupon box is there,fill in

code,response;code expired.Price is 13 euros something ($19.**).I get a page from tmart with a box,"buy now" or" order

now".Nowhere to cancel so I just click off the page.Checked my Paypal a/c,no movement,-good.

Check my e-mails this morning,Tmart"congratulations on your purchase of Tangfire.......for $12."RESULT.Nice


gesture by Tmart,well,that's how I see it.A60 and a C8 in 3 days and less than 20 euros the pair,must be Xmas

The Tmart TangsFire C8 is a winner even at $17.

Mine came in today, good tight spot with very mild rings in the spill. The threads were dry but all clean. Takes a 3400 protected cell easily. Metal reflector, almost no noise on the lower settings. Worked fine straight out of the bubble mailer. Good build quality overall, even the glass was clean for a change.

My first C8, I think I need a couple more. H)

I posted this on the other TangsFire C8 thread:

Got my TangsFire XM-L2 U3 today. It pulls 4.65A on a fresh Pana PD - 1,054 lumens @start, 976 lumens at 30 secs. I'd expect a big drop for 4.65A on an aluminum star. Tried the threads - yet another C8 thread size and cut, oh boy... Really was hoping it was going to be a true C8 thread. The pill threading is bigger than a Convoy C8 and UF T-20/LightMalls C8, so no chance brass or copper pills will fit. Like a Convoy C8, it came with a 16mm star - kind of surprising.

The body and reflector are clean - excellent condition. It's not bad, was hoping a little more compatible though.

Really really doubt it's a U3 - 4.65A and 976 lumens?? The copper star will make a substantial difference, but I got over 1,300 lumens on my Convoy C8 at 4.2A.

Just got mine today and I’m impressed. This thing is super bright, brightest hotspot I have seen on any light so far. Good build quality, feels like it weighs twice as much as my KD C8. One question, I was using a 2600 mah AW protected cell, would a high drain battery make this light brighter? I can’t measure the current draw because my crap multimeter only measures up to 1 amp.

I was the first one to order, on this Christmas Deal, but haven’t got it yet. Yes, different battery Chemistry’s will allow more current draw. My best are these:


Have got over 6 amps, for a short period on this Battery Chemistry.

It’s direct drive in high mode, so high drain is best. Depending on the cell, you can achieve as high as 5A.

I saw the deal about 10min after it was posted and decided I had too many flashlights on the way to my house… Now I’m kicking myself. Dang it! I even have an unused noctigon I could plop that xml2 on. Grr.

Buy Now, and Think later, this place is full of irrational Flashaholics … J) 0:)

It looks beautiful and actually pulls about .3 amps more than the first one.
Cleanest lens, flawless finish.
Blazing hot spot, I love this light…

The description for the Samsung INR18650-20R cell on the MTN electronics site says “Lights that draw around 5 amps direct drive on an NCR18650B draw 9+ on this cell”. Is this true? Can this light even handle that kind of current?

Maybe in theory on paper.

Can tmart sell us the dd drivers which are used in C8?