Explorer brand flashlights at Cnqualitygoods...

Anyone tried these or other interesting offerings yet? Not budget bombers, but they might hold value…


The first one is a great price.
2 x AA, HAIII, magnetic control ring and nice SS bezel. Too bad it’s got the old XP-G emitter.

I have this one and used it quite a bit the first year I had it. It is very well made.I am not sure they are made any more.

I have the E81 (single AA only) and a E?? one/two 18650 thrower that is really nice and throws like all get out for its size.. But has i forward clicky and I don't like those much and pursued other options.

They have great ano.

Magnetic ring mode selection is no fun if you only have 4 modes to chose from. Infinite or die.

Unfortunately many infinitely variable do die too. Prematurely. But I digress.

I find they are worth their price but not really great bargains.