Extender for GU10 bulbs?

Is anyone aware of an affordable source of extenders for GU10-base bulbs? I just bought a pack of the Utilitech brand 50W equivalent LED bulbs from Lowe’s, but they do not fit my fixture, a standard Broan vent hood over my stove. The bulbs are slightly to wide to fit recessed and slightly too short to fit flush. I’ve found a seller on eBay, but the extenders are expensive, and shipping from the UK makes it even worse.

I would have to open the hood and bend brackets to make these fit, and I would like to avoid doing that…

These are the bulbs I purchased; based on my experience, I wouldn’t recommend them for any flush mounting needs:

You could probably get a socket from a hardware store… any chance to scrounge a base from a bulb? If so, might be able to make your own.

I knew finding what I wanted would be a long shot. I’m thinking I’ll just return these bulbs since they aren’t manufactured to fit a standard sized fixture.