F1 Australian GP

Anyone looking forward to this weekend’s F1 grand prix?

It’ll be interesting to see who’s the quickest between Hamilton and Rosberg after Rosberg dominated at the end of last year.

Hamilton’s excuse was that they made changes to the car that didn’t suit him, but I have my doubts as Paddy Lowe(engineering boss) didn’t know what he was referring to. Will Mercedes dominate again and how close will everyone else be?

We’ll also see how Haas do in their first year with the Ferrari engine which should be good, you would’ve thought they would’ve had at least one US driver.

I’ll be recording the practice sessions, it starts on the tv at 1am over here.

Yes there is interest here. I’ve just watched the second practice session which was pretty melodramatic. I’ve driven through the city 12 times in the last four days and talk about chaotic. I hope its better tomorrow. I’ll miss watching qualifying live unfortunately but will be interested in how the new qualifying format goes. Go Ricciardo. :slight_smile:
Hopefully Sunday will be better than the weather today.

No sign of Sauber :frowning:

I’ll be there on raceday. I’m hoping it’s a close race.

Usually i go to the bodybuilding competition but since they moved it to this weekend same weekend as formula one stuff that! (I went the past 3 years for moomba festival). The city is closed down such an headache then accommodation is so expensive.

But i hope Riccardo does well!

But ultimately i am a Ferrari man so hope they are up to scratch and have fixed all the issues. Motogp is on this weekend also.

I’ve got the recorder set to record the MotoGP. Last year was good so lets hope this year is as well with all the rule changes.

Oh Yes! My son and I and a few friends have been enjoying F1 parties for a few years. This year we’ll be gathering in Los Alamos (NM, USA) to watch live. Food and drink of the host nation is a feature. I have no idea what that will be this year as that is the choice of the host, my son.

I like many drivers and makers. I have been a Williams fan since the days of Nigel Mansell, but I may have to cheer for the new Haas team from USA.

You can cheer on Sergio Perez in the Force India.

We went to our first British GP in 1992, we only decided to go on Saturday night and left at 1am to drive the 230 miles and hoped to get some sleep when we got there. No chance of that as when we arrived at 4.30am there were already long queues.

What a lovely hot summer’s day it was, 8.30am and sitting just behind the barrier at Bridge Corner. Only to be disturbed by Nigel Mansell in the Williams with the 3.5l V10 absolutley screaming at full throttle. He lifted slightly as he went through Bridge with all sorts of banging and spluttering reverberating in our ear’s.

What a shocking experience it was, we were standing there shaking as we didn’t expect noise like that! haha In those day’s they had 30mins of running just to check out the car’s on a Sunday morning.

Got home at 1am Monday, straight to bed as we were absolutely worn out. No sleep, sun stroke and a fanastic first F1 experience.

Pretty good race. Too bad about the Alonso and Gutierrez crash.

Food was sausage rolls. They were excellent. Plus some Shotfire Ridge Shiraz from the land of OZ.

The Alonso crash was frightening as you can never predict what the car was going to land on top of, you just hope it’s something flat and not a fence.

They need to do something about overtaking as there’re too many circuits where it’s extremely difficult even when you have a faster car. Turbulent air flow from the complex aerodynamics produced by the car in front makes it extremely difficult and they’ve known this for a long time and still haven’t done anything.

That Alonso crash was something, with the speed and rolling I was surprised he walked away without any problem at all, not even a scratch.

Hamilton had a nightmare start but recovered well to 2nd, he was never going to catch Rosberg though, 10 seconds behind at the end and driving the identical car meant it was never going to happen.

Enjoyed the race though, one of the more exciting races in recent times.

Alonso must be luckiest SOB ever.
I’m not his fan but I’m really glad that he’s ok after that crash…

Well, it’s that time day again! The start of the F1 season. I made it back from the boonies with a few hours to spare. :slight_smile:

We do F1 parties throughout the season; food and drink of the host nation are featured. Tonight we have a quartet of Aussie beers to sample: Hop Hog American IPA, Cascade Premium Lager, Nine Tales amber ale and Pirate Life IPA. We shall also have a couple of varieties of Aussie wines from a local wine store… don’t know what yet as they have not arrived yet. For food we have pork and beef snags… they appear to be sausages to me, served in a roll, plus some sausage rolls and meat pies. We have Tim Tams, Lamingtons, Cheezels and Fantales for dessert and for snacking. Somewhat suspect, IMO, we have two Cadbury Dairy Milk with Vegemite chocolate bars. Last year we had Vegemite on toast and that enjoyed mixed reviews. Some of the beer and the treats are a personal import by one of our friends who just came back from a couple months stay down under.

Sounds like you have a terrific party Don. I’ll be lazing on the couch by my lonesome (in peace) watching. :beer:
Dont forget MotoGP starts tonight as well if your into it.

If you’re not going broke buying lights, you can definitely go broke here in Melbourne with all the sporting events held here

Gave the F1 a miss this year, chose to spend the cash at the Avalon Airshow a few weeks ago - friggin awesome it was

At last Ferrari strategist did a good job this year, with Lewis behind max and could not overtake…Good job for Vettel and Ferrari.

:+1: Good race!

Forza Ferrari!

Sad that RedBull is too slow. But our Max did his best :slight_smile:

Play loud.
That are F1 glory days:
McLaren MP4/6

Ferrari 412 T2

Manual traction control, insane engines…
Nowdays…. no comment :slight_smile: