Facebook paid likes are worthless [Video]

Came across this video and thought it was interesting. Definitely explains post distribution and how a population of bad likes is detrimental to a business. I've definitely noticed a large amount of useless likes and have had to weed them out manually.


I showed this video to my wife yesterday; she started a new fb page and it’s still almost blank, but she already has likes from Pakistan and so on. This helped us to figure out why

I’m not a member of fb, but interesting video none the less, thanks for sharing.

Ha…what a sham! I rarely get on FB anymore. I just don’t care that much about what my ‘friends’ had for lunch.

interesting - thanks for the vid

BLT ,chips and lentil soup 5.99

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How about I take a picture of what's inside the bowl and post it on FB. You can guess what I had for lunch...yesterday.

Thanks for posting… there was a good laugh accompanied by an interesting statistical realization about every 5 seconds in that vid. All said and done, it still wasnt much of a surprise considering the invasive & irritating marketing machine FB actually is, and the type of mindless people that seem to spend their entire lives vested in it. I hope there will soon be a day where FB will be sued in a massive class action (where no one ever wins), bankrupt the owners and disappear forever. No more faces… aww. :_(

I hate facebook as well, i wish it were possible to take all that useless drivel an use the wasted effort to improve humanity instead

Thx for the vid, its a well written piece, sometimes i wonder if companies actually think about where they waste their money and what kind of return they are actually getting (all while cutting product quality and trying to pay less to employees)

Thanks for sharing, very interesting.

Thank you, this video is great!
I’ve promoted it on my page! :beer:

I have a FB page for my blog. It only has about 54 likes but they are organic—people who genuinely liked the blog enough to click the ‘like us on FB button’. I’d rather have 0 real likes than 1000 fake likes. Personally I think people should just focus on doing what they do best and let all the other stuff such as FB likes happen organically on its own. And certainly there are better ways of building interest in your brand (such as giveaways) than trying just to buy friends outright. So you can maybe help that organic process along, but I don’t think that the most awesome shops/blogs/whatever need to try to subvert that process. I look at it like this: I’m a prostitute, but I try my best to be a classy prostitute :slight_smile:

Thanks. Learned something today. I personally don’t find fb useful anymore, but I understand that ppl like to gossip on it.

It’s great for seeing all the photos and chatting with family and friends who live far away.

Great video CalvinIS. Thanks for sharing.
I realized long ago that for me, Facebook was just a waste of good electrons.

Heheh…yeah…but you forgot to post a pic of it.

Use Twitter for between Facebook snacks?

Thank you Calvin. Now off to like Illumination Supply on my FB page :slight_smile:

edit: IS is already on my like pages….but I rarely click ‘like’ in any pages or friends post. It must really be good for me to do so. I refuse to click ‘like’ just because something was cute or funny or whatever.

Interesting video,to me facebook is mostly useless.I think it's a waste of time to promote any business through it,the profiteers being the only ones that benefit from the"likes."