Facing the problem in wurkkos TS21

Hell everyone,
I’m new in this forum for the first time I am sending you a message to help me with this issue I have just bought wurkkos ts21 flashlight a few days ago and it is a very good flashlight, it was working well. But Just few days ago there has been a problem in this or maybe because of my mistake Whenever I turn on the flashlight, it opens directly in turbo mode, whereas earlier it was not so, initially when I turned on the flashlight, it used to turn on in very low mode then when double click on the flashlight, it used to turn on in turbo mode I’ve tried many times but it is not able to come back to the primary condition please help me what’d I do

Unscrew cap, then rescrew?

It’s likely that you’ve changed the ramp settings or enabled manual memory. Unscrew tailcap, press the button and keep it pressed, tighten tailcap and wait that the flickering stops, then release the button. Your flashlight should now be back to factory defaults. Please do it when the light is approximately 20°C because it also calibrates the thermal sensor.

So anduril can be complicated at first. Study that interface flow chart

It's a pleasure to have you onboard, agrim ashu!

Thanks a lot dear problem resolved

What was the problem Agrim?

I recently bought one too. I’m a total n00bzomg and my new TS21 was acting like this:

First it was working as expected but turbo mode was…. is this 3000 lumens? Oh… Nice… I guess… was hopping for a little more.

Unscrewed tail, screwed it back

OMG, this ARE 3000 lumens, now it is working! Let’s toy with this anduril thing. Ok, everything fine, let’s try turbo a couple times… hello… somebody there? Lumens? Where did you go?

Unscrewed tail, screwed it back

Everything works again, turbo stops working again.

Unscrewed tail, screwed it back

Everything works and everything seems to keep working. Switch to advanced UI, test mood modes, strobes make the light go a little nuts (everything seems candle mode)

Unscrewed tail + head takes out battery, blows the head, tube and tail because this probably works like an old Nintendo, screwed them back

And everything seems to work well since : S
So happy because I was thinking of returning it, now I’m quite liking it and I still have many Anduril things to test.

When you get a new flashlight, it is good practice to clean it first:
Unscrew parts, clean the threads with alcohol, I use a wood toothpick to go along the thread, greas the threads lightly. Screw it togehter.
I repeat this two times again. The second time removes still a lot of dirt and the third should be nerly clean.

When you keep the battery cap closed it should be last long, but when you often losen the tailcap you should repeat cleaning after 6 months.

Have fun with your light(s)