Fallkniven F1 for $20,91

A Fallkniven F1 for $20,91, must be a fake, or?


What about the quality ?

Definitely fake.


like santa claus and the tooth fairy...

Santa is not FAKE!


If it's a knife pattern you like, and the materials are decent, it might be worth taking a shot. However I have not yet had much luck with that approach. For example, I purchased a copy of a Buck Vanguard, which is regularly a $60-80 knife, for $13. The knife looks generally fine, but another member disassembled one to show that the tang under the handle was spot-welded together rather sloppily, and was not one piece. It may still work just fine for casual use, but might break under hard use.

Definitely fake.

Still if Jim from Manafont.com can find out who manufactures these, what steel it has and tang length it might be a bargain...

Jim, we are counting on you!

Saw it too. It's a fake, of course. Fällknivens are known and loved for their convex grind, this one has a traditional edge.

However, there's a visible "hamon", so it seems to be differentially hardened. May be good stuff.

for me 20$ are too expensive just for fun, though. maybe someone else?

200% Fake, plus I had bad experience with Manafont in the past (ordered a knife which never arrived, emailed them, all they did was automatic BS answer). So I’d definitely pass on this one.

You’re a bit late.
Manafont is history.


Well dredged up from the past, Manafont is no more but the Fallkniven fakes, probably better quality are on AliExpress now. :wink:

Sadly I don’t understand the language but still:

End of the video. LOL