I have just orderd a king kong 26650 from fancyflashlights are they ok to buy from

Yep, FF is part of which is well-known seller here on BLF.

Thanks for that

Bit late if it isn’t :wink:

yes i no

They have turned into a R/C toys?

Yeah thats odd.

I just saw this thread and thought I’ll check to see what new lights fancyflashlights have, and there isn’t any lights any more.

Well blow me down, Your right.

Too many places selling flashlights and too few enthusiasts to keep them in business. I imagine Ric will end up like DX soon enough (selling ten million items), or die on the vine like so many others have.

I ordered a new driver for my DRY from them last week. Hopefully I'll get it in a reasonable amount of time. The new drivers have a 120 second step-down from turbo instead of the original 20 which was unnecessary and a little bit annoying to be honest

Um, I have Cngq in my book marks, I can still browse the site, although if I go to home, I get the page I get if I search on google.

Here’s a trustfire x9…