Fandyfire/Solarstorm Warrior driver

I have a Fandyfire Warrior that I have upgraded ( new heavier wire, braided springs and resistor mod) but when changing the wires to the LED’s I wired them the wrong way round at the LED and now after correcting the wires the torch won’t turn on , so I think I need a new driver.

Are these things repairable or are they total loss? And does anyone know where to get a new driver board?

I have PM’d Ric-CN hoping he might have one

A look around shows plenty of options if it was a SRK board but this is a smaller board around 43mm

Warrior Driver

Well the problem you’re going to have is the dual switch UI, it will be easy to get a BLF driver piggybacked in there but most likely the 2 buttons are gonna have to do the same thing, not be 2 different functions like stock.

Have you verified the emitters arnt whats blown? Most often with a short such as the one you made the driver is OK but them emitters die.

I have took the LED’s out and tried them two work fine, nice and bright, one lights up but very dim

Left that one out put back together and now the working two light up dimly all the time regardless of the UI

Looks like it is a driver and at least one LED now to be replaced :frowning:

on the warrior is one of the buttons a mechanical clicky and one an e-switch, or are they both e-switches (tact-switch)?

They are both e-switches

One is instant on/variable brightness the other is press hold for on/off

Like I mentioned a BLF dd FET driver can be piggybacked on the original driver (original driver just serving as a contact plate) and can run the light no problem atleast as bright as before (if not more) but both switches will do the same thing, the FW only supports a single switch input, you can wire both switches in parallel so one’s not dead, but they will both function as if the were the same. There are several choices of FW available depending on who you buy the driver from (the driver its self is also open source if you want to order the boards and components and can flash AVR).

I can supply you with one if you dont want to DIY, I also have a new FET driver that runs a PIC MCU (instead of the 1kb ATTiny13A AVR MCU on it), it also only has a single button input but its functionality is pretty bad ass.

Thanks for the offer Cereal_killer however I would prefer an original driver if I can find one as it also supports the LED battery status and variable dimming

I have asked Ric-CN and he says he will find out a price for one tomorrow, hopefully not too much as the torch cost £25 new then I’ll ask Richard at Mountain Electronics about replacing all three LEDs with noctigons hopefully it will be good again when done.