FandyFire SRK Clone Question

Anyone familiar with this FandyFire model? Looks just like a SkyRay King but is considerably more expensive than most currently listed SRK clones. Is it a reliable light that does not have the lot to lot variations of most current SRK clones? Other FandyFire lights seem to be good quality.

I have seen a few people mention them here and there but i have wondered the same thing.

They are equal to the quality of the 'original' (whatever that means) SkyRay Kings, properly assembled with all the proper parts. Bezel & switch are stainless, not aluminum. Has the 'good' 3-toroid driver (still with crappy 200Hz PWM and only 2 levels, but you know...), they are machined correctly so that the o-rings actually touch the ID of the bore when you screw them together, etc.

Main drawback other than the price is that you can't get one in black.

I have FandyFire UV-S5 from FastTech, it's not as good quality as SRK from CNQG/FF and is about 15% less bright (UV-S5 is CW and CNQG/FF SRK is NW).

Anyone tested the smiling shark srk? I like the grey colour and it’s only around 25$…

If I only had use for another king…

i thought about ordering one, but they had the old xml-t6 and couldn’t find any options for other tints.

Another thing are the multi XML clones with 6 or 7 LEDs for also around 40$…always hard to resist.

I am on a good way and haven’t ordered junk flashlight for weeks…

I have a six LED SRK modified by RMM and it is pretty outrageous. It also has a updated User Interface which I much prefer to the stock one. Wondered though if any one was actually making a three LED version with the original SRK circuitry and other internals.