FandyFire STL-V2 vs FandyFire STL-V6 vs Romisen RC-T6 Q5

I'm looking for a big time thrower for the cabin/ hunting. Last fall a friend shot an elk just before daybreak. I needed a lot more light than I had to assist in the search.

I've narrowed it down to these three lights. I'm leaning towards the RC-T6 but I'd like some opinions before I hit the "buy" button.

If your looking for a thrower out of the 3 you mentioned.

I'm pretty sure your best bet would be the Fandyfire STL-V6.

A single XML in a deep and wide reflector with the proper drive board, heat sink, and fed with enough power, usually throws well.

Fandyfire STL-V6 or SkyRay is a good thrower.