Fandyfire stl v6 4 cr123a

Ok the light specs say it will take 3 cr123a if you take off 1 ext tube so do I have this right 3 cr123a = 9 volts

But if I leave on the ext tube it will take 4 cr123a which =12 volts right? so will this be ok with 4 cr123a?

It says for the light max 5.6~12v

According to the spec you should be ok w/ primaries, but specs from chinese manufacturers are often known to be arbitrary. If you want guarantees you'd have to look at the driver chip to see if it's actually supported. However, if you're just curious what you could do is use a meter (DMM) to quickly connect briefly enough to get a current reading. If it's <1A, you should be good to go.

so are talking about takeing a tail cap reading like you guys do? I still waitng for my multimeter it should be here any day


Yes, just do it quickly (only long enough to get a reading, even <1sec). Of course, no guarantees of anything, but it's safest way of doing it barring opening it up and looking at the driver chip (which you can should also do and take pics if you're so inclined) :).

Its one thing to stretch a 8.4v driver to 9v especially as the primaries do Voltage sag when the light is turned on ..

Its another to stretch a 8.4v driver to 12volts ...

Im not saying its not a 12v driver , but I find it hard to trust the spec's ....

I still fondly remember buying a 15v driver that was unable to handle 12v [ bought 3 of them ] , though they seem to work well with 8.4v ...

Anyhows , just giving my 5c worth ....


LOL.. heck Im just learning to check Vs on 18650s batteries and I dont think I can take apart my light

without breaking it.....yeah I know I can take it apart but putting back thats the problemWink

Too many Fandys @DX lately :bigsmile:

24 cm long and 6 cm diam. :O Must throw very well.

Some additional info, this light is supposed to be similar (ie clone) to this, which claims similar spec (up to 4 lith primaries):

of course no guarantees.


what about the sky ray stl-v2 it looks the same...also I took off front bezel of my light but there was no numbers or ID

on the driver chip do I have to go further like un screw those philip screws...

You think this light is close to the fandyfire

A member here who has both claims that they're quite similar (or more accurately I think he has the Skyray branded version), but I don't know if he's taken them apart to verify this.

my light dosn't show no numbers or anything like this

Well, the numbers on there don't make sense either. It claims to be a "m31", when the m31 is a sst50, not XML (though I suppose the MCPCB specs could be the same). Are you sure it's a skyray? Photos from our own forum's review:

Mine's shipped from dx, and I'll have it hopeful soon.

Better don't try it. It cannot turn on with 6V though.

My bad....Tongue out they were showing sky ray bu thet last pic was a olight mx3 were right....I guess I just stay with 3 cr123a to be safe