FandyFire STL-V6 Emitter Board

Question for the guys that have the FandyFire STL-V6

Where can I get an emitter and board to fit the FandyFire STL-V6? And if I can’t, who on here would fix mine at a good decent price since I would have to pay for the shipping both ways? Or would it jus be cheaper to say forget it? I don’t want to sink much money in this, when I can buy another for $46 shipped.


U3 1C LED 25mm MCPCB

20mm MCPCB XM-L U3 then? :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually need about a 32mm board.

Anybody else have any ideas or help?

ILF, for mine I just ordered a 20mm U2 board and installed it with a bit of AA.

Well why don’t I just send this one to you and let you work your magic.

I'll pass on that considering my soldering skills. :P

What… I see you being a soldering master!! :wink:

Well I guess if I say I’ll just throw this away I would get a whole bunch of replies then.

I can see the pm’s coming now. But forget that boys. I’ll either fix it myself, or it will collect dust since I’m not getting any help here.

I can reflow surprisingly well, solder not so much. :)