FandyFire STL-V6 switch...This is what I need..Any ideas??

Have you tested that switch for continuity using an OHM meter and made sure it is no good?

Tough to tell from that pic. See you made it over from cpf:) sure someone will be able to help

I don’t have that light. Can you provide pics from side and rear? Maybe more detail as to what its doing wrong?

No, I didn't do that but I put my switch from my Skyray Stl-v2 and it works perfectly, and it don't work on the skyray

Is that all one piece or can it be further disassembled? A side pic would help us help you.

1) see if the switch module is screwed down. If screwed down fixes it...OK

2) take switch out and use your DMM to check continuity inside the switch, make sure that switch is in ON position...should read near 0 ohms while on

3) if switch is really f up, you need a new switch


250v....use sandpaper if needed to slim down to fit

ok here is an easy thing to try

put a clamp on the switch and the board and melt the solder on the clicky , if there is a bad connection that may fix it

IF not then buy a replacement clicky , i looked for a link to a similar one get the measurements n check the sites

my guess is your switch is this , NOTE its a forward clicky


Thank you for all your time looking that up. I will try your idea. Is there away to change the board to make it one mode?

Thanks again everyone for helping out...

That switch looks exactly like the one used by Solarforce. My L2T has the same switch. The regular reverse clicky you can get at DX, KD, etc do not have as long a post at the switch button. Unfortunately I can’t find just the switch at but one of the SF fans here might be able to point you in the right direction.

A pack of these are always handy to have around. They work in a lot of lights.

They are indeed handy (I have a pile of them) but unfortunately they are not correct for this application.

They fit perfectly in L2s.

Not in my L2T. LOL…I tried because I wanted to convert it to reverse-clicky but it was a no go. The forward-clicky in my L2T looks exactly like the one in his STL-V6.

Ok, I'm getting confused. Which one will work? Thanks again everyone for all your help.

The best way to find the right one is to either find someone who has replaced a switch on your exact light or,you should do it anyhow, order a few different styles of switch and one will be sure to work. All the extras will come in handy some day and they are cheap.