➿ FAST GROUP BUY ➿ WUBEN H3 Headlight 7-Modes OSRAM P8 Rotatable 2*AAA

I did a runtime. Cheap UNI-T luxometer used, so lumens may be a bit less.

I did a runtime. Cheap UNI-T luxometer used, so lumens may be a bit less.

I just received mine. 10 days from Banggood to the U.S.! Nice budget headlamp. Very adjustable.

offer is active

Received my two today, 14 days from order to my door, not bad. Good news, looks like an emitter swap will be possible!

I am interested in 1/Blue.

Thanks for the photos :wink:
If I may ask, which led are you thinking to use there?
I was searching for some images of the base of the led and it doesn’t seem similar to XP leds… so it may be a bummer to an easy swap :zipper_mouth_face:


BTW, mine is already in the country and will probably be delivered within the next days :wink:

Mine should be arrived today, it’s with the courier now.
Can’t wait to try it!

Got it! Nice little light.
I don’t know why the spec said 140 lumens. The packaging from Banggood website said 120 lumens.

Ordered on the 3rd!
Shipped on the 10th!
Arrived on the 17th!
Not baaaad!!! :+1:

First overall impressions are good! :+1:

I was planning to install a nice tinted SST20 that I have a few left of from BlueSword. I’ve seen the data sheet and the package size is the same, just the footprint is ever so slightly different. I figured it should work. Maybe someone can chime in before I try?


Interested in one of each color.


I never tried, hence my question about that!
Here are the mechanical dimmensions of each LED

Osram P8
Source: http://www.ebvnews.ru/doc16/GW_PUSRA1.PM_DURIS_P8.pdf

Source: https://download.luminus.com/datasheets/Luminus_SST-20-WxH_Datasheet.pdf

PM sent

I’d seen both data sheets and they’re close enough for me to think it’ll work, and to give it a try. People have had success mounting white flats on XP boards, and they’re even more different, so it should be ok. I’ll report back when I get a chance to try

I am currently reviewing the H3, and there is 1 major problem... the lock to open the battery door is extremely hard to open, so if you are thinking to use it often, better have a solution ready to open it up every time. You will hurt your nails (if you have weak nails like mine). You need a screwdriver or some kind of tool to open it up. Just saying.

Ill take one of each please.


Good news! Standard 3535 leds fit! Wasn’t the most straight forward as you have to de-solder the mcpcb whilst lifting each side a little at a time. But it’s all together and working again now. Decided on a 2700k lh351d for my orange one. May put a 4000k SST20 in my blue one.


Yep. I think Tool AA 2.0 uses these leds too; it’s straight swap no problems. Nice pictures BTW.


Nice one TMaxxJJ :wink: It will surely have a tint and CRI improvement!
Thanks for the information and for the photos too :wink: :+1: