Fast Shipping by IOS

Hi Guys. There’s been a fair amount of talk lately about the horrendous waiting times for stuff ordered from China, as is in this BLF post here.
Well, I ordered this flashlight here from Int’l Outdoor store on Nov. 1. It was shipped out the next day, Nov. 2 and arrived at my door this afternoon.
6 working days…. that’s fast! That’s the quickest I’ve ever received something from China through the mail.
I guess I just got lucky this time, but all the same, kudos to IOS for their stellar service!
Btw, I’ve only been playing with my new toy for about 15 minutes, but I’m loving it already :smiley:

Hong Kong Post, Singapore Post and China Post have all been arriving at the normal time frame to Canada. CP and SP arrive in Vancouver while HK arrives in Toronto. I don’t know why.