Fastech App for Android

Another reason why Fastech is my favourite online retailer!

Oh yeah, great - make it easier to spend our money, why don’t you? :wink: :wink:

Edit>> not compatible with google Nexus 7. Money saved - for the moment.
Just found this thread.

I have the DX and Tmart apps already and it has cost me money in the past because of it being easy to seach……… lol

Now FT will do the same

Now if I could just get the .apk to sideload on my tablet! I have a third-party generic Android device without Google Play loaded...

I just checked and couldnt find a app for it for my iphone!!! Dangit!!!

I don’t know if I wanna thank ya or …

I hope this is better than the DX one, always liked their site much better than the app.

At least the app is free…or is this how they get ya? DAMN


EDIT: this is only a Track & Support *Beta App

Yes, no worries yet, Woody. This is not a shopping app like DX has. This only allows you to track existing orders and open/respond to support tickets. No danger to anyone's wallet yet. ;)

Force closes on me :frowning:

Well, I don’t want it in that case lol How are we supposed to feed our addiction with this? :wink: