Fastest, reliable place to get replacement AA-S1?

Yes, I know fastest and reliable may be hard to find, but somebody broke my beloved AA-S1 light and I want to replace it.

Original was purchased at DX but I’m trying to avoid them. A gifter was purchased awhile back from an Amazon chinese seller who sent me a look-alike but was not an AA-S1.

Do any of our reliable sellers offer this? I checked at Fasttech but they don’t have it.

Wow, there’s an oldie but a goodie. Unfortunately it looks like your only choice is DealExtreme. I searched around and it looks like it’s mostly discontinued. Better stock up.

I found it at Wallbuys, although they are worse than DX in my opinion. May still order it from them.

5 Sellers at AliExpress:

You could try the similar TrustFire F20:
I’ve bought one from Fasttech early this year. The old Cree XR-E was replaced by a Cree XM-L2 T6-3B though…

But now I would rather choose something newer and even cheaper like this Thrunite TG05 clone:
or the TG06 equivalent:

I was sent the Trustfire F20 when I had ordered the AA-S1 and I hated the 5-mode F20. I still have it but it has intermittent issues that aren’t even worth fixing because the 5-mode aspect is so damn annoying.

Anything 5-mode in replacing this light is not desirable by me. But thanks for helping.

Hey you found it. I also search on Kaidomain, but nothing turned up.