Fasttech has Sam 4.35, 3a, Protected

Just went to Fasttech and saw these:

Also have 4.35v Charger:

I’m sure the Samsung is a good battery, but I believe the LG D1 3000 is the best 4.35V battery currently available from the tests I’ve read.

At 3A:

At 5A:

I have the 4.35V charger from Fasttech. It seems to work ok; though the green charge status light illuminates well before the batteries are charged to 4.35V. (i.e You have to leave them charging and ignore the charge indicator.)

As far as the safety of the charger and charge algorithm it uses I can’t say. Maybe HKJ will review one someday. The only other charger option I’m aware of (for 4.35V termination) is the Cottonpickers charger.

HKJs review is already in process and the charger seems to have some issues… He already posted this somewhere here the last days :slight_smile:

daveam, thanks for the comparison charts, I was curious how the LG compared with the Samsung.
So LG 3000mAh still king in my book :bigsmile: