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Authentic Nitecore NTH25 Tactical Flashlight Holster for P26/P20/R25/MH25GTS

650nm Red Laser Gloves DJ Club Bars Dancing Stage Props $34.54

Yunmai 1915B LED Flashlight w/ Focus Zoom

Whoa, I could be Darth Kruger with those! :laughing:

You’ll put your eye out with that!

Darth Krueger...


Ugh… I think i ordered something that’s not in stock anymore, again….

Seemed like a nice moddable host, with Stainless Steel bezels on both ends, but the item in my order says:


But it’s an old model, i think… Although i can still buy it from UltraFire:

But it would cost $ 2.81 more…

Lol, Ultrafire wishes us happy newyear 2019

That’s a kind of some strange habit of FT. I can’t understand what’s the point of selling non existing products.

What’s the point FT? You do that too many times and that’s really annoying thing.

I experienced exactly the same issue with similar product half year or so ago and this thing after 3 months or so actually arrived.
(and yes, I know, I know … old outdated and overpriced product but I simply wanted to have it in my 14500 flashlights collection)

Hello everyone,

Happy new year, and thanks for your feedback and your patient.
Please read it to know more about Restocking:

Have a good day!

Hahaha! Okay… :person_facepalming:

Ah, the AKOray. :slight_smile:

Yeah, i like it how they still list a bunch of old stock lights.
Often a bit too expensive, yes.
And of course the LEDs and drivers are outdated…

In my order it now says: “ETA 1/16/2020 (in 5 days)” for the UF-A6.
Let’s wait and see what happens.

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Yunmai X913 LED Flashlight w/ Focus Zoom

MT-G2 zoomie? Nice. :slight_smile:

Authentic Xiaomi Redmi K30 6.67” LCD Octa-Core LTE Smartphone (128GB/EU)

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