FastTech new “Make a request” Result released !!! (post 1)

Thank you all for the requests. Keep posting your desire flashlight /related products and we will make it true with good price :slight_smile:


Rustu R12H

DX no longer sells this very affordable quality clone of Seraph SP6. I hope you can get them in.
They come in many names like Skyray SR5 but the Rustu R12H is a very good clone
DX link

JAX Z1 Cree XM-L2 U2 Zoomable 1100LM 5-Mode LED Flashlight

zeusray edc120 solid copper(brass) pill

JAX X6 Hunter

ThruNite Ti3

ThruNite TN12

Ultratac K18

Lumapower AvengerGX

Lumapower Avenger RX

Enlan Bee L03

Enlan Bee S01!

UniqueFire 1504

UniqueFire 1505

UniqueFire 1503

Sharp Eagle ZQ - SH - 01 3 x CREE XPE LED 800LM Multicolor LED Flashlight

LuckySun D80

Nitecore MH20 Neutral White

Yeah, I know, it’s a black-on-black image with a black background and no illumination.
That’s how Solarforce displays their products on their own home pages.

If FT started carrying Solarforce products, you’d probably be able to sell more just by letting people SEE the pictures.

They’re good, though.

I’ve mentioned this light before, but it doesn’t get any love because of its brand name. It is a real sweet light. If you got it unbranded, it would be a good seller.

I never win any contest on BLF and don’t expect to win anything this time. If you were to sell this unbranded for a good price, it would be a win for everybody. :party:

UranusFire 818 Cree XM-L2 U2 1000 Lumens 5-Mode LED Flashlight - Black $22.99

UranusFire c818 CREE L2 LED 3 mode 1200lm Hard Light LED Flashlight Torch $17.75

I’ve read that jumping R2 resister gives you 5.5 amps . RMM also has a 26mm FET driver that will fit.

Here’s what it looks like compared to a Convoy C8.