Fasttech Partial Refund

After more than a dozen emails in both English and Chinese, I am frustrated.

I ordered a Nitecore flashlight, batteries and a filter. All three items were listed “in stock.”

After a few days, I asked when it would shipped. They wrote that the batteries were backordered so the shipment was delayed.

I did a partial cancel: I cancelled the batteries in order to expedite the order.

They did a partial refund, but then cancelled the entire order, including the flashlight.

Since then, more than a dozen emails and a paypal dispute trying to explain how they did not give a full refund and did not ship the flashlight, to no avail. They responded that I would have to re-order the flashlight in order for them to ship it, which I did.

I have now paid for two of them (I only need one) and they will only ship one.

I used Google Translate to explain the situation (and wrote most in English) but the responses all indicate either that they do not understand or…

well, I don’t want to jump to that conclusion, yet.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can properly communicate this to Fasttech? Is my complaint clear to readers? (I am doubting my own ability to communicate while wondering if they are messing with me).


Perhaps you should post about this in the 'how did we do' thread of Fasttech, and write a direct PM to Jasmine?


also if they do not refund you, escalate the dispute to a claim and you WILL get all of your money back

the new order you made (second order) is a completely separate transaction and has nothing to do with the first order that was cancelled

I did several PMs.

I’d like to keep the 2nd order if they fully refund the first. It is for the same Nitecore flashlight.

Thank you for answering…was my issue confusing? I’d like to see this rectified and either delete it altogether, or report that it went smoothly.

That’s very odd. Whenever Fastech is short of one part of my order, they always ship the main order right away, with a heads up email, and ticket notification. They ship the remaining part of the order registered mail as soon as it is available, even if its only worth 62¢(Usually a day or two). All communication has always been in impeccable English, and handled expeditiously.

Is the Paypal dispute still open? Perhaps you’ll get a refund that way. You could also post about it on their feedback forum:

not confusing - I would proceed with the paypal dispute until you get your money back, and watch the second order to make sure it goes through… if you dont get anywhere with either transaction/order file a paypal dispute on the second order

dont worry - you will get your money back one way or another

You probably got an inexperienced part-time (Chinese-speaking) staff handling your case. They’re hiring! Hmm or are you sure it’s FastTech? Does not sound like what the usual FastTech should be.

You wrote most in English - which language do you use for the rest? FT was one of the shops, where the service speaks a better english (some service staff of shops on aliexpress wrote bad english or some of Dinodirect crew). If you have problems, keep your language clear and simple (short sentences).

Paypal is the always last step for me (notice: Paypal dispute have to be opened within 45 days), if it was a good shop with a good reputation (like FT, INTL Outdoor, CNYG).

i hope you don’t write in english and use google translate to convert it to chinese and send them that,
because that will cause more confusion. they always responded in english very well.
as far as refund? i’m very surprise you having problems with it, they are very known for their excellent customer service.
heck… because their excellent customer service, now my wallet is getting more thinner these day :slight_smile:

I never saw they respond Chinese language
may be another staff
better open ticket again and see what happen
you can also contact BLF Fasttech member

I’m sure if PM Jasmine she will sort it out for you right away.

Jasmine speaks Perfect English, she is intelligent and articulate and very good at resolving these types of situations.

Thanks for the reassuring responses.
To answer questions:

I have had several successful orders processed by Fasttech. I have cancelled those that sat, unshipped, especially if the flashlight was a birthday gift (I spent $20 more just to get it on time as I have to give about 14 days to receive it).

I did send all the emails in English, with some repeated in Chinese using…Google Translate. I recognize that this may have led to confusion as well.

I have left several voice mails during their Hong Kong hours, which are generally my sleeping hours.

The prices are amazing. I feel sorry for US dealers but as someone else said, my wallet is thinner because of the prices! When they started carrying Nitecore…well, my wallet got thinner even faster.

During the day (their night time hours) I got an email (automated) saying the flashlight I re-ordered was shipping. This is half the battle. The other half is simply to refund the unshipped flashlight from the partially cancelled order.

I am glad this was not confusing to readers here. After my ‘tickets’ hit 12, I began to wonder if my writing skills were abandoning me!

For whatever reason, I cannot navigate their website with Safari, fully, as
“my tickets” says “too many redirects”; though I can still place an order.

Thank you again…

I noticed this was raised before. You could try clearing cookies:

I use safari on my ipad, it was okay before, but now I get “too many redirects” for my tickets. I just switch over to my “Google Chrome” app, and I can access my tickets.

Are you using the latest version of Safari? Might be worth reporting the problem to FastTech.

Yea, when I had an order where one item was out of stock they quickly notified me and shipped out what they had first. They then shipped the other item once it came in stock and updated me along the whole process.

…and make sure you check your Paypal acct. in case there is a refund sitting there.

Try logging out and back in, it might solve the "too many redirects" thingy.

No I tried everything. I don’t know what FlashlightDudes using, but the safari app on my ipad doesn’t like Fastechs “ticket/request setup. There’s a glitch.

Okay. FlashlightDude. Why don’t you get your ticket number, then start a brand new ticket, explain your problem in simple, consise English, and give them the number of your open ticket so they can refer to it.