FastTech REMOVES "UltraFire" wrappers for 14500 cells Fom Site.

Just a note to point out that FastTech has removed "UltraFire" wrappers from their site.

I sent FastTech a memo about my concern and got this reply:

My message:
*Your “UltraFire” branded battery wrappers have been noticed by the flashlight forums. Carrying this product calls into question the integrity of FastTech. Forum members are now questioning what could be hidden beneath the wrapper of the Panasonic and Sanyo branded batteries they have just purchased from FastTech.
I do not believe that the minor profit realized by selling this product can outweigh the damage it is doing to FastTechs reputation.**

Reply From FastTech:

Hi ouchyfoot,

Thanks for reminding.

We've removed the item from our website already, we will also pay more attention on this.

Thanks again for your kind reminder, we really appreciate it.

Kind regards,


Customer Advocate

FastTech - gadget and e

This simple act of FastTech means they are conscious of customer feedback and is sign of a business with good social responsibility awareness… My hat’s off to FastTech. You are fast becoming the darling of online shoppers.

+1 to FastTech for this.

+ 1

What if they ship to you Panasonic NCR18650 labels! Good lord…just kidding….Again, congratulations, FastTech.



If they are to become the best electronics retailer that operate from China, then one thing that can totally blow their reputation is selling counterfeit items or parts that could help to make up such items.

Battery wrappers being one of such items.

Im glad they removed it, if they want to play fair and be legit, there was no other way for them but to remove such item.

Very nice, Fasttech! 8)

+1000 !

Absolutely love Fast Tech’s customer service, quick responses, and great prices and shipping. Second to none.


hmm, not sure, the fact that they had them for sale in the first place does not show much care for conscious business (which is just not a strongpoint of chinese companies in general)....

Anyway, good job you memo'd them Ouchyfoot!

Congratulations to FastTech for doing the right thing. They’re back at the top of my list.

Very nice, Fasttech!

For restricting my freedom of making my one ultrafires….

As a previous victim of buying worn out 18650 laptop batteries re-wrapped in ultrafire sleeves, its good to hear fasttech did the right thing.


The few times I’ve done business with FastTech, I’ve been pleased. That said, doing the right thing after the fact still means you didn’t do the right thing. And don’t anyone say that maybe they didn’t realize what they were selling - they knew exactly what they were selling. Cutter, Mouser, Digikey, Illumination supply, etc. would not have had those sleeves on their website to begin with.


they are learning.

we can expect to see no more cr*p on their website.

no fakes nor similar undesirable stuffz.

am giving them some credit.

Honestly, the wrappers are useful in their own right. I can see them being good for diy flashaholics………

I mean, if they were Keeppower or Sanyo etc I would not be comfortable, but Ultrafire?

I thought HKJ’s tests showed genuine UF to suck……

This speaks well of FasTech and the point of not being the one that sells counterfeits is important. There is still a problem product on their site. I am letting them know about it to see what they will do. It is not a flashlight or battery.

They are a Chinese company. Different ethics, different beliefs, different business practices. They have no obligation to follow our practices. There’s a whole world out there, everyone’s different. What is wrong for some, is right for others. The fact that they did take them down at least shows that they do respond to customers. “Neither the twain shall meet” comes to mind when dealing with China. If their ethics do not fit ours, then simply don’t use them.

I’ll give kudos where due. Jasmine has been very professional and responsive.

And hope any customers sold something less than advertised will visit karma on the FT customers who may have bought for that purpose.