Fasttech requests

Post what you want here.

Posting one item per post will make it easier for others to quote and +1.

I'll keep a running tab, which should give Fasttech a good idea of which new lights they should prioritize.


Sky Eye F13

Sky Ray Kung

Niwalker Black Light Vostro BK-FA02

Convoy C8 with 4C tint

SK-68 with XP-G2
cat eyes

Armytek Wizard Pro

Lumintop SD10
dead led

Supfire M6

Trustfire TR-J12 clone

Warsun ET26
leaftye - got it at Wallbuys for $30


Fandyfire K2 - K2 added for $26.74-26.77 on 2013-07-07 1, 2

Sky Eye F15 - Ultrafire LZZ-F15 added for $16.55 on 2013-07-26

Sky Eye F13
Somewhat similar to Trustfire A8 clone, but with anodized threads, bigger head and tailcap with a lanyard hole
Solid pill, 20mm star, ~20+ mm driver
Current price elsewhere: ~$21

AKA, Raysoon RS-F13

Sky Eye F15
Trustfire A8 clone, but with anodized threads
Solid pill, 20mm star, ~20+ mm driver
Current price elsewhere: ~$21

AKA, RUSTU R180, Raysoon RS-F15, Ultrafire LZZ-F15

Fandyfire K2
Side clickie
Anodized threads
Current price elsewhere: ~$29

Sky Ray Kung, aka, Sky Ray 6500
4x XM-L version of Sky Ray King
Using same size driver as SRK, so might be able to use texaspyro's upcoming amazing driver with an add-on board
Current price elsewhere: ~$33

Niwalker Black Light Vostro BK-FA02 please!!

I noticed they had some Xtar products listed, but they don’t seem to be stocked anymore.

The alerts don’t always work. I had one for eneloops that didn’t work (twice I set it to email me).

Oh, I know about those alerts. I’m not really interested in any of those other Xtar items they have listed. It’s just funny that all Xtar products are sold out as if they don’t plan on carrying them again. Perhaps they had a falling out with their supplier or Xtar. Kind of like what happened from MAP from other manufacturers on their site.

Also, those new Xtar headlamps (H1 and H2) look intriguing as well.

Convoy C8 with 4C tint please.

Who wants Fasttech to carry these? I would, but I wouldn't be able to buy them for a few months unless the Lumintop SD10 is very budget friendly.

Armytek Wizard Pro

anodized threads
0.5-1000+ lumens, feature rich UI
TIR optics in standard and wide profiles
52 grams

This might be a stretch since it's a Canadian company, but one can hope.

Lumintop SD10

anodized threads
AA's, D, 32650, 26650, 18650
side clickie
lanyard hole
current price elsewhere: $53

10lm / 280h
100lm / 26h
800lm / 7.5h

10lm / 150h
100lm / 15h
500lm / 6h

2lm / 60days
30lm / 80h
200lm / 7.2h

Added today as the Solarstorm K2 for $26.77 and Fandyfire K2 for $26.74.

They always do that, unless you’re asking for rice cookers. >.<

How about some good 26650 IMRs! I don’t know if MNKE is still making them or Moli. Just something in IMR and 26650 good for high current.

Can you come up with a good model? We wouldn't want FT to stock rubbish based off of typically optimistic labels.

This isn't IMR, but what about this high current cell?

4x18650 in parallel
46 or 50mm driver, so SRK driver may drop right in, or might need a 2mm wide adapter ring
driver retainer ring
tripod mount
side clickie
anodized threads

There's currently a group buy that has it at $33 shipped, but it's inevitable that some people won't catch it till later, and some people will choose to buy it later.

So who wants to buy it from Fasttech?


I want that Wizard too.

Yeah I wants a wizard and the SD10

Black CREE XM-L T6
Current price elsewhere: ~$15+shipping

TR-J12 look alike
1*XM-L T6
(Host for XM-L or MT-G2)

Here's the link

Not bad. 61mm head, 2x26650. Too bad it doesn't have anodized threads. It could be quite a catch if it has a good thermal pathway.