FastTech SolarStorm SC01/02/03 lights

Pretty quick indeed. To central Europe it took a little bit more time. FT shipping information 28th March and than:
02-04-2014 Information Received (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)
04-04-2014 Despatched to overseas (Country code: PL)
11-04-2014 Arrived at overseas (Country code: PL)
14-04-2014 Product Delivered (Country code: PL)

How lucky you are. I am from europe too and still waiting since last week of march….

I received my SC01 the other day and finally got around to playing with it. I like it a lot! I've only got an NiMh in it now, but plan a Lithium Primary for it for glovebox duty eventually. Boy is this thing small! Even after seeing pics it was smaller than I expected! PWM doesn't bother me and the tint, like TomE says is a typical "cool white"- no hint of green or purple that I see. Very impressed for the price!


These are perfect for keeping in vehicles. Good build quality and cheap enough to where it won’t be painful if it gets lost or stolen.

I got 3 more SC03 from fasttech today, damn… they’re fast, received it after 9 days including weekend! :smiley:
I also got 2 of these Yupard mini 16340 lights although there’s nothing mini about them :stuck_out_tongue:
they’re 22mm taller than SC03 BUT it can out throw SC03 for about 1/3 of the price of SC03
definitely worth for the price I paid for them less than $6 :bigsmile:

comparison shot of them two lights

comparison beam shot of the two lights SC03 in on the top and Yupard mini is on the bottom

This thread… sigh.

Clearly I need one of each of these SC’s. :slight_smile:

I received the Yupard today and it has a purple colored beam, also didn’t realize the lens was plastic. It looked like it had a clear protective plastic cover on it, so I tried to remove the plastic….ehhhh…scratched the cheap plastic lens. Stole a glass one off another cheap light and now it looks better, but no where near as nice of tint as the 14500 model form the same seller.

But, like you said, for less than $6 I am happy.
It was my first aliexpress purchase, but will not be my last.

Psst … Keith, open the driver and add 2 R300 parallel to the R500 for extra bump in lumens :wink:

I like the beam on the 03, thanks for the picture!

DayLighter, that Yupard mini almost made me puke seeing that beamshot. Yuky purple, lol! But.... do you think its would be hard to mod with an XM-L2 and Qlite driver (can it fit?), at maybe 1A-1.5A? Also, how is the build quality, compared to the Solarstorm? It looks just as good as the Solarstorm to my eyes. Thanks for the pics

Finally got mine yesterday. I guess 18 days to Texas isn’t terrible, I’ve seen far worse.
I checked mine and it draws 37.4uA when off. That means my AW IMR 16340 would be drained in about 1.7 years. :bigsmile:
No need to lock out the tailcap on this light. I think I need another one.

Just got mine and haven’t tried taking it apart yet. Any pointers? I assume the driver comes out through the front of the light?

Not sure if it was mentioned but this diffuser works with the SC01, SC03, and tube 18650 EDC's. It is tight though, need some stretching:

Which light? The SC01 and SC03 I've had no luck, mentioned earlier... Didn't spend any more time on them though.

I just have seen this
Palight 2014 X4…?
Is palight and solarstorm the same?

There was a thread on the Palight X4 ( - this was mentioned. Body style is a little different, not much. RIC sells the Solar Storm version as well:

FandyFire SC01/02/03 @ FastTech

FandyFire SC01 1*AA(14500)

FandyFire SC02 1*18650

FandyFire SC03 1*CR123A(16340)

No doubt FT is the best deal around on all 3 new models. But if you want a 3C tint though, RIC has it, though you got to pay bout $9 more , plus shipping.

No, NW (XM-L2 T6 3C) is also available from Banggood. At the moment they have a promotioncoupon and the prices are better as the FT prices:
You can choose CW (XM-L2 U2 1A) and NW (XM-L2 T6 C3).
I bought one of the SC02 with NW.

SC01, 1*AA(14500) coupon:bgf164 $14.19

SC02, 1*18650 coupon:bgf170 $14.9

SC03 1*CR123A (16340) coupon:bgf171 $14.19

Oh, cool! Forgot bout BG..