FastTech SolarStorm SC01/02/03 lights

got my SC03 today… all I can say it… OH WOW such an output for a such a small light, as soon as I turned the light ON, I decided to place an order with Fasttech for 4 more… I know all my non flasholics friends would like to own one of this light.
anybody has the SC02 yet? I’m contemplating about getting it :~

@Daylighter: Does yours have noticeable PWM?

I ordered one of each and I’m looking forward to having them. Someone said they may have low frequency PWM—hopefully that’s not the case. If I like the SC02 it will probably be my gift light for this year. Every year I give flashlights away an use them as stocking stuffers, and these look like maybe good contenders.

Ordered the SC01 and SC03 and a few other goodies March 27. Fastech shipped my order April 7. Latest tracking info say’s “2014-04-09 00:00, Despatched to overseas (Country code: US)”

Hopefully I will have them in another week or two.

Were you running the sc03 off of a disposable cr123?

how’s the UI work? how low is the low? seems like a nice lil light for $15.

I’m running it with efest IMR 16340 battery, the light it self is so small… my pinkie finger is even longer than the light :smiley:
there’s 3 mode with this light LOW-HIGH - hidden strobe and low is as bright as my 3 watts MXDL light from Tmart.
it’s definitely worth it for $15 ( that’s why I ordered 4 more for gifts) :smiley:
shining it to the fan I can see PWM on LOW

dammnit! Just got one of the AA/14500 from banggood for $19.99…arrrgh!

What size driver 15mm or 17mm for the AA?

Either they can price match or cancel the order…then I will go thru FT

mine look like 15mm driver (?) I know it’s not 17mm for sure, can’t seem to reach the driver though as it’s only have 2 sections
the tail and the body, maybe I can get the driver out through the head… but I think I’m going to savor it for few weeks before my other SC03 arrive from fasttech and then maybe I’ll take a look and see if I can get the driver out :smiley:
usually these kind of driver modable with resistor mod :wink:
interestingly this light look a lot similar to the new Palight X4 ( maybe Solarstorm also make it for them too )
compare to Crelant V31A… this light is definitely brighter and a lot cheaper and smaller than Crelant V31A :smiley:
um… anybody wants to buy good condition Crelant V31A? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re killing me Daylighter. I’m so pumped for the flashlight to arrive now!

the only other light is in this size and price range is Uniquefire UF-K21 it’s a nice light too ( I bought 4 of them ) but only has 1 mode, but this SC03 a lot nicer and brighter and better mode too :slight_smile:

do you have the mini 01? thats my smallest and brightest light. which one is brighter?
the mini 01 is about 500 lumens

Since it has no memory for the modes, in the infinitely dimming mode, does it memorize the selected output level?
Getting a little impatient now. Ordered the SC01 2.5 weeks ago.

Would be a nice light for a GB.

Ugh—my SC01, SC02 and SC03 are probably going straight into the “bag of shame” if the PWM is indeed that low. The high frequency PWM has no effect on me, but the low PWM is just too nauseating :frowning:

This has to be a new record for me: the infatuation is over before I even receive the product lol. At least I’m still occupied with some recent purchases like the E12, D25LC2, F6, T10S and HC50 :slight_smile:

yes I have Mini01… even uniquefire is brighter than that :slight_smile:
this light definitely brighter… I’ll say it the lumens is somewhere around 700-800 lumens ( not sure though)
but TOM E is also getting one and he can measure it correctly with his light sphere
but judging from the eyes and the lux meter… this light is brighter than both of those mini lights

actually it’s not that bad… it’s not noticeable unless you pointed to the fan :slight_smile:

OOH OOOH OOOOH!!! Waves hands…if you are gonna chuck the SC01…I claim dibs :smiley:

And yeah…the PWM on stock lights just bother the heck out of me…this is why I started running custom firmware on Nanjg 105C’s and upping the PWM frequency…the light looks more “solid” rather than flickery…kinda like changing the refresh rate to 70-75hz on an old CRT vs the 60hz…you CAN see the difference

My SC01 and SC03 are getting close, supposedly on the island, but getting bumped around - "out for delivery" one day, then next at a sort facility, yikes! This hasn't happened to me for a while. Hoping in the next day or 2, then I'll do some thorough measurements - amps, output, take a lookie at the drivers, etc.

want me to bring it over tonight Tom so we can test the output on this light? :bigsmile:

How bright are these in the real world?
I am more interested in the 14500 version but the specs are better on the 16340 version so I am confused. I would expect at least 350 lumen from a 14500 light…

If someone disassembles theirs please take some pictures and measurements…

I am using CR123A primary in the SC03s I am keeping in my cars’ glove compartments. From what I understand, Lithium primaries are better for glove compartment use due to their long lives and extreme temperature tolerance.

My extremely scientific conclusion is “Them lights put out plenty o’lumens with CR123A” :slight_smile: The battery will probably last less than 10 minutes on High mode!