FastTech XML T6 4C ceiling bounce

So I had purchased some XML2 T6 3C’s as my first NW emitters and was actually disappointed. More yellow than a liked.

I ended up tossing in a T6 4C an a FT order, and absolutely love it. Compared to the XML2 3C’s, it does not have the pronounced yellow, and appears to have more red in it. Even my wife noticed how pleasant it was.

Due to the mild controversy about whether a T6 4C exists, I compared mine doing a ceiling bounce with an XML U2 1B pulled from a convoy light.

I used a throw away 1 Amp driver from an XR-E drop in. A 501B host without the contact plate between driver and battery.

Did a ceiling bounce with my lux meter using the U2 1B.
Swapped MCPCB’s to T6 4C and tested again.
Swapped again back to the U2 1B.

My lux meter gave a “high score” of 39 with the U2. I got a high score of 37 with the T6 4C. ~6% difference.

Obviously not very scientific, and I wish I had a known T6 to test against, but I think the T6 4C is actually a T6.

Thanks for sharing.
I have said it before, people who have tried 3C tint, and found it too yellow should also give warmer tints a try. It could be more likable, especially if CRI is good too.
Im done buying 3C XM-Ls.

Next step would be the XM-L2 80-CRI minimum 5Bs from intl-outdoor. :wink: :love:
About the same price as the older 1. gen XM-Ls from FT, but higher CRI and slightly warmer. Cant go wrong with those.
They look better than the XM-L 5Cs I got from FT. Kinda less “fake red-ish” look. And the 5Cs are very nice. The 80CRI 5Bs just have that little extra…

I really like the T6 4C’s I got from Fasttech too. I’d be interested to see how they compare to the XM-L2 5B’s. Higher CRI is always welcome, but I don’t know if it’ll end up being too warm for my taste. I might have to order one to find out.

Yeah its just weird. 3C just brings out too much yellow for me. Its a yellow white. 4C from Fast tech is just pleasant.

I also just put together a light with an Illumination Supply XML2 T5 5C1. I also prefer that to the 3C. It is warmer than the 4C obviously, but it doesn’t have that bright yellow tint the 3C has.

Can’t figure out which I like better at this point, the 4C or the 5C1. I need to put one on a Sinkpad and pump lots of juice through it and see if I can make it real bright……