Fat liitokalas?

Hopefully…. that will be it ‘Liber8’. :+1:
It would be a shame if these excellent 26650’s had already been faked or the quality lessened. :cry:

Do you remember what the Voltage was when you first got them ’Liber8’?

That is what I did / do with mine on my Lii 500 also. NOR Test at 1000 mAh, I only did two cells at a time though. Slots 1 & 4.

Both at 3.8v and mr was low at 21 and 23. I ordered 4 so i still have 2 to test. Also used those slots

I measured four and they ranged from 26.5mm to 26.6mm.

Basically same as mine then. Mine were all 3.79V when I got them and all had various low mR’s too.

Do you remember about when and also where you got yours ‘sidecross’??

I bought my 12 LittoKala 26650 batteries from GearBest in 3 separate orders of 4. Orders were place from mid June to very early August.

They all came in at 3.79 Volts when I received them.

I then put them in the LiitoKala Lii 500 charger and ran a NOR Test on them two by two, using the 1000mAh setting. This is a “discharge” test.

The following are the results of the capacity test for the 12 batteries:

5101 mAh
5115 mAh
5127 mAh
5134 mAh
5190 mAh
5196 mAh
5199 mAh
5208 mAh
5238 mAh
5240 mAh
5254 mAh
5323 mAh

Gearbest specs for these says 26.6 i believe. So these 27mm ones may be different?

They were ordered July 13 from GearBest.

Mine fit in my l6 and s70 but they make a vacuum. It will still slide down the tube on its own slowly.

This is my opinion cells should be charge and discharged 2-3 times before you run a discharge test. And 2, the cells are rated for 5000 mah your charger gave 4850-4950 that’s pretty close abd the liito is going to be off a few %. Even not accounting for the margin of error at 4950 you were still sold a 5000mah battery.
Another battery for example I’ve seen friends order with me Samsung 30q. After a charge and discharge to wake tge cells. some cells showed from 2850-3100 during the following discharge. The mah is a basic guideline for the cell and not a absolute value. It maybe over or under and still be in tolerance. If they were sold as 5200 maybe be a issue. But at 4950 thats a 5000 cell.I don’t think you’ve been bamboozled in anyway.

Yeah, I think that is what it says. But it said the same thing since I ordered my first one’s back in June… it has not changed.
Personally I would not be worried about the 27mm part. I would be much, much more concerned about the capacity part.
That, to me would be an indication that something had changed.

And another thing to think about…… if someone has only two cell from one order, that may not be a fair test.

EDIT: I totally agree with what ‘Speed4goal’ said above……… :slight_smile:

Just measured the diameter of my 10 Liitokala 26650”s & with my cheap digital calipers they all came in at between 26.50mm - 26.55mm.
Now my calipers could easily be .05mm out as as I said they are a cheap plastic digital caliper (budget minded).
All 10 cells fit in my S70 easily, in fact there is a very slight amount of sideways play, no vacuum.
In my Jaxman XHP50 they would not go into the battery tube at all from the tail cap end, but would go into the tube from the other (head) end.
Now after sanding the lip with a small “flap” wheel I can just insert them from the tail cap end but there is a vacuum effect.

Im kinda the opposite. The capacity is still decent on mine but if some of these are too thick to use in lights thats a problem.

I can understand that…… :+1: … :slight_smile:
I just have not found a light that I own they will not work in.

They work just fine in all of these for me………

  • Convoy L2
  • Convoy L6
  • S70
  • Jaxman / 1 or 2 cell
  • Cometa

2 of 4 liitokalas fits very well, but the others have some dificult to enter and out specilly one wich have to shake frenzy the light to move 5mm out and is very dificult to to push :rage:

The battery is cheap, but their manufacture is very poor by the inconsistence of their size :confounded:

I will cycle 3 times to se if the the capacity increase and report again

I made blobs of solder in the heads for use in series (they dont have contact) and those fats where stucked in s70, I had to push the with a screwdriver that got me crazy and made me to take serious providences….

I sanded the head of those with a worn sandpaper, that seems like a gross pasteboard and this made a good amount os scratches. I inserted in the tube and still stucked but now with some abrasion in the wraper of battery, when those out of the tube the have some marks……

In the picture, apears tow marks in opositive sides and thats means those are not perfect cilindrical form :zipper_mouth_face:

Thats it, I decided to sand only in this marks for not undermine the whole wraper and works very well, the problem was the “very fat” one, I did need to sand much more and the wraper was very thin almost translucent :innocent:

Those ex-fat now fits very well and not to need disasemble or shake frenzy the light to pulled them out :laughing: :+1:

Wow, I did not realize you had some stuck in your S70; not good. :open_mouth::frowning:

Glad you figured it out to suit you……… :+1: …. :wink:

Thanks Teacher, I hope it help someone too :+1:

Maybe re-wrap it with Kapton tape?
Kapton tape is very thin but very strong.

Mine fit in my Convoy L6 just fine. The flat tops are too low to make contact though. Second set ran on the lii and tested at 4719 and 4950. The variation between cells seems a little bad here.

Did you run the NOR Test ‘Liber8’ on the Lii 500??…(that is a ’discharge test’ that shows the discharge capacity.)