Favorite Budget 1*18650 Light

I’m looking for a 1*18650 with as high output as possible for around $20. Based on older threads, I came up with the Convoy S6 XM-L 950 lumen, but I couldn’t find a review for it. I imagine the true output will be much lower than the 950 lumens and 50-100m throw…

Anyone have any other suggestions? Is there anything comparable to a Nitecore P12 or Thrunite TN12 as I got both of those for under $50 apiece.


It will be hot in less than a minute on that tube light but you still can use the medium mode. I would recommend 1.4 A on high with 4xAMC7135.

Convoy C8 is a decent light, and every now and then Tmart has sale on Tangsfire C8 for under $20… spring few more bucks and get ZY-T08 and it’s better thrower than those 2 lights :smiley:

>> as high output as possible

That statement is somewhat meaningless by itself.

I have a 337 lumen light (TK15) that will out throw a 640 lumen light (PD32UE).

I have a 315 lumen (PD32) light that will out-flood a 740 lumen light (Predator).

Are you looking for Throw, Flood or a Mix?

Mixed, but with throw of 150m or so. Basically I’m looking for a cheaper tn12 or p12.

Convoy s6 with a qlite driver that gets rid of the group with the blinkies, and adds a moon. Driver is about $5

I recently got a convoy S6, went with the T6-4C 2800mA driver , love it.
It is more throwy than i expected.
It does get hot fast on high but that’s fine if you just keep that mode for turbo or use it until you can’t hold it any longer :wink: - it’s always good to have it if you need it there.
I put a forward clicky in mine. Great light for $20 or so.

Review: Convoy S6 (XIAOZHI clone) from Fasttech. XM-L T5-5C (with tint comparison)


Try searching BLF using the word Xaiozhi and the reviews will pop up .

I think cnqualitygoods sold it as a D4 ?

As a host it makes a perfect place for nichia 210A's and xpg-2 emitters

some of my favorite lights

I like my nitecore p12 !

Nah you can go 2100mA in stock form on high and it gets warm but not overly hot…anything over that and it will definitely overheat

I like my Convoy S5 running 2800mA 8*7135 with custom STAR V1.1 firmware, where I can turn it on full high and it automatically throttles back to approx 50% PWM after 2 min to prevent overheating…and it has 5 modes vs only 3 in stock form (mine came stock with the 2100 6*7135 but I got into modding :slight_smile: )

It’s my EDC in one pocket…and my trusty rust SK68 in the other pocket :stuck_out_tongue:

Just ordered a XinTD V5 - will give impressions when it arrives in a month or so…

That is the creme de la creme of C8’s…won’t be able to top that one…Convoy C8 is next…anything other than that is roulette on quality.

It is nice if I know how to flash a firmware. That is really awesome.

Convoy AK47 should be also great?

My TangsFire C8 is very good for what it is, but I use mostly zoomies.

Heh. And it only cost $32 or so. I figured it’d be a cheap light to throw into my bag.

Oh yeah…the 8 mode is really the stock Nanjg 2 group modes

Change groups by going to LO for 3-4 seconds and a quick bump when it flickers

Which vendor has the XinTD in stock?

You can get a stock one (like me) at intl-outdoor.com or you can get a modified one for mega output at mtnelectronics.com

So uh, just got the XinTD V5. It came pretty quick actually. About 2 weeks from ordering. Initial impressions: it’s pretty damn nice. A lot smaller and brighter than I thought it would be and with a holster only costing $3 it has definitely replaced my Solarforce L2M. Both have neutral white XMLs but wow, this XinTD is incredible.