Feeler for a group headlamp build that run Anduril UI

I cannot find exactly the type of headlamp I want. I know many feel the same way. Some come close but not everything I need in a light.

Can a headlamp contain the arduino Anduril UI or are they too small?
If you look at the panda 3.0, could a light be made where the dual lenses on the front rotate 180 to give beam or diffused to a red/white led? Red would not matter but having white with a beam mode and diffused would be awesome.

Could a smaller tube build like a fenix hm61r of H03 contain the arduino Anduril UI?

Is a group build headlight an idea others want?

Who would build such a light?

For me I need a sub lumen .5 red for night.
I need a .5 lumen white and reading level light (3 lumens?). Then jump to 50 or 100, then 1000.
I need diffused 99% of the time but some times I need distance. Rare for me!
I want magnetic tail.
I want magnetic charge.

Hey Idahofarmer.

That sounds awesome, Arduino can do some really cool, stuff, you can control it remotely through your phone;, Wifi or even set triggers.

Than I saw you mentioned hm61r and h03 . There is no way in the world you could fit an arduino board in those bodies.

You probably mean Anduril. That could be possible. Costly but possible. I think firefly makes and Anduril headlamp.

Also checkout this thread about a new D25 headlamp with dual Red/White LED’s.

You can program an attiny directly from arduino with a usbasp, or use an arduino board as a programmer.

You just need to install attinycore from Spence Konde.

So any Anduril, Narsil and Bistro based driver can be reflashed with an arduino program.

A headlamp wouldn’t be to big for Anduril. The Sofirn SC31 Pro has Anduril. It uses the same tube as the Sofirn SP40 headlamp and is similar in size.

Just my 5 cents as a ultra runner who runs a lot in the dark.

It have to be as light as possible. And pack down as small as possible.
None of that silly center strap crap. And the strap shall not have any text. Strap should be rubberized on inside.

If chargingboard. It should be usb C.
It must be easasily moddable and use standard 20 mm stars.
Anduril firmware of course.

It should come with a selection of tir lenses of various angles.

Something similar to Boruit D10. Just with better threads.
Better driver and deeper fins. And a decent led.
Lh351D 5000 or similar…

Have Sofirn to make it. And Boom, we got a winner.

The Lumintop hl3a has anduril. Also, I’m in.

i dont really care for the UI, i just want a headlamp with mechanical angle positioning, like the hm65r, and preferably regulated driver for consistent output.

Yeah sounds great. I also want light as possible. But I need at least 18650 as the smaller batteries drain too quickly.

So with TIR can you put 2 leds behind like red and white? Maybe the white in center and red off to side.

We could offer a “PRO” kit with 3 tubes, 16340, 18350, 18650. Three stars (warm, neutral, red/white). Three different TIR lenses. Removable magnetic tail. Magnetic charger. A 3500 10a battery. Removable center strap for headband.

Chime in for features I forgot.

Definitely something I’d be interested in.

Count me in for a couple

I forgot to mention that the magnet must be optional. Or removable, i dont need it, and i dont want it to mess with my compass when i run.

Battery size 1*18650 is just perfect. But an option for 18350 or smaller is clearly a bonus.

The driver should be a standard size so its easy to swap if i wantt to.

The headstrap must be solid so it does not bounce when i run. The one on Boruit D10 is perfect.
I hate the useless bouncy crap rubbery things like on SP40 and astrolux hl01

Might as well buy an empty tube if you just want to swap out every part and install what you want.

I think your needs are too specialized for this project.

Buy a boruit D10,they are very cheap and good build quality and have micro usb charging port!Then you can buy anduril driver from member Quadrupel and build your own anduril headlamp.
I build several of these lights with different LEDs,TIR lenses,…
Also,they are very easy and fun to mod in my opinion

Overload, there is an Anduril driver that doesn’t need an e-switch?

Thanks for the suggestion.

For me that light looks too heavy, too cheaply made, and I hate micro usb ports. Really not at all what I had in mind.

Looking for a light tube model which can change tubes to 18350. Has TIR, anduril, magnetic charge, magnetic tail, red and white leds. I want high quality and light with tons of features.

The D10 is not really that heavy tbh. It’s one of my lightest headlamps. Though it sounds like you want an Anduril modded Skilhunt H03/H04. A 18350 tube for it is not readily available though but the H04 has a 18350 version that they won’t sell the tube only. Some have reported that one of sofirn’s BLFA6 18350 tubes do fit the H03s not sure about the H04.

The BLF A6/Astrolux S1 18350 tube will fit the H03, the only problem is the o ring doesn’t seal the head, you can’t screw it in deep enough…
So I’ve sealed mine with TEC7, now you can’t unscrew it anymore
I believe Quadrupel also sell anduril drivers for H03, you can ask him

I don’t know if it exists…The D10 driver has e-switch

whoops, got that mixed up. my bad. edited my post to correct the 18350 tube.

LOL, I bought this one yesterday :smiley: