Feeler for a group headlamp build that run Anduril UI

I also made a mistake, must be S1 instead of S10 :wink:

thanks, i assumed it was a clicky.


I really want it simple. Easy to mod. So i also boughtQuadrupels driver and will replace all the internals of the D10. Then its not perfect. But prettty darn good. And peerfect for my specific need

The topic pops up from time to time.
Some quick examples:

I remember seeing many more suggestions for very different kinds of headlamps, I guess most didn’t have their own threads.
I believe that none really started because there was nobody dedicated enough to drive them.

Now I see that Lume drivers are a real thing. They have top efficiency which is the requirement if one wants to compete with the major brands. Before, BLF lights could get top scores on peak performance or UI or nerdy features (like candle mode). Or overall quality with moderate pricing. Now we can compete on runtime and sustained performance as well, though the price gap will diminish.

Also, there is an interesting new emitter that requires a 6V driver. Nicha NV4WB35AM.
Quad E21A headlamps from Tamagochi and Clemence consistently got top praises for their beam quality. E21A is just that but with the dies closer together, it’s easier to shape the beam.

This makes me think that maybe this is the right time to actually try?

I’m interested.

- Anduril

- small form factor with ability to switch to larger tube size

- easy access to mcpcb for switching

  • E21A highly desirable

As an aside but an idea which would be awesome: how about having the head in two parts? One contains the driver. The second is a lego module containing the leds. It could clip in or screw-on. But I would love to be able to quickly change the emitters without it being a full on soldering job. So I could have warm/cool modules and switch them within 10 seconds.

I agree but isn’t that also a consequence of people wanting more and more lumens? Aren’t there enough powerful torches already? Time for something truly different.

Make it a mule and I am in :smiley:

A Lume X1 in a Skilhunt H04 w/ quad e21a or B35am is really what we need imo. Offer the 18350 tubes separately and what else do you need? The RC would be nice but many don’t like custom magnetic chargers and this probably wouldn’t fit on the driver unless a second pcb was stacked.

I would like to see a red light option brighter than the Nitecore NU25’s 13 lumen (which is better than most) on a multi-emitter headlamp.