Feeler for Group Buy. Convoy S2+ XPG3

Hi everyone, MOVED TO HERE>>>https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/40346#comment-965420

I was curious if anyone would be interested in having an S2+ 18350 with an XPG3?

Convoy S2+ 18350 host
Cree XPG3 S5 LED in 2C, or 3A tint on copper MCPCB
Mosfet linear driver with DrJones Guppy2drv

Optional parts:
AR coated lens
Snap on Pocket clip

Price for the base model would be $26.50
Shipping cost would be based on location.


Why so expensive? Is it the driver? Which driver exactly?
I might be interested.

Expensive? Sounds like a bargain to me (shipping to Germany would be killer though)


Edit: Will more than likely be in for 2+ with all the works.

I’m actually glad you ask. It can be hard to tell what the group will thing is a low price. I happen to think this is one, but I figured not everyone would agree :slight_smile:

The driver is manufactured in the USA here in the US. Its a variant of the BLF DD board. The firmware is also custom to which a royalty has to be paid on . Those boards cost me almost as much as the host do.

Here is the full spec on it if your interested.

Also the LEDs are top bin and I have to get them from cutter which adds a good bit to the shipping cost. The LEDs will also be on a copper DTP MCPCB

I will assembling them myself so they carry the Adventure Sport warranty.

There is also the paypal fees to consider.

I really make no apologies about the price. Very little of it is labor.

This will be a quality light with the very best components available on the market.

Thanks for the information. Ok, with this driver and the good components the price is more than appropriate.
I didn’t know you are assembling all by yourself and assumed the light would be produced completely somewhere in china.


Sounds like a great deal. Vestureofblood’s work is top notch. Put me down for a 3A.


All the best for the sale vob. This being assembled with quality products by a first class flashaholic maniac is a bargain. Prices get lost on us sometimes with what we pay from China. :slight_smile:


$26.50? Sounds like a bargin to me. I blew 11 bucks on two beers at the restuarant last night.

Im in for a fully loaded version

VOB - Ya gots to be off your rocker! You are going to be very hard pressed to make $3-$4 profit, if that much, and that is calculating free labor.

You are offering one hell of a deal for this light but you are still crazy

To fellow BLF members...after shipping etc etc...an individual cannot build this equivalent light for $26

interested here!

That would be great in desert tan color when its available, i always liked the idea of copper and a better driver in the s2. The desert tan s2 is a must buy for me anyway.

What are the benefits of xpg3 Leds? Is this natural white? low voltage protection?

My favourite programming mode would we number 18 in the list

I would like to have one (or 2-3) of these.

XPG3 curious!
In with all the embellishments. :beer:
Thanks for this generous offer.

$26.50? That is pretty much how much it will cost me to just buy the parts…and I still have to build it lol.

This is a great price, I wonder what color is available for the host.

Not to mention all the other shenanigans or MAP enforcement.

I’m interested.